My first indirect encounter with SARS

27 Apr

I had my first indirect encounter with SARS yesterday. I was scared for the guys and for me 😥 before a foolish man will overdo 😅 it was funny and scary at the same time.

I seldom go out late at night, anytime I do its for some midnight munching. It rained heavily so the akara woman at my street junction had gone home at 11:30. Godonu Daniel Yemaren, Folorunso Sodiq Morayo Ogunbewon Dahunsi and I had to stroll down the road. 🚶🚶🚶🚶

A carnival was meant to happen but dint. There was a SARS vehicle we went pass and headed for our destination down the road. Still a lot of people so we had to wait our turn. Some guys drove by and parked in front of the woman. There was no Akara so we were all buying potatoes🍟

The guys came straight through to the front and started to order. They left the car doors open, full light on, music blaring 🚘 with so much ego in their movement started to order, we were next but were not ready to argue, they emptied the bucket and started to order meat.

They were there miming the loud music, and smoking🔥We wanted to buy milk so we left there leaving only Dahunsi to secure the yam on fire. After taking less than 10 steps, a silent car without any lights parked in front of their clean Benz c class. WHO IS THE OWNER OF THIS CAR.

Looking Back, We dint stop, we joked about how they deserved it for their show off. looking from afar, we saw Dahunsi coming towards us walking like a man who was deeply pressed looking for a convenience 😅 “Ah, they don catch those guys o” he said, I replied “our potatoes nko?”

“Nooo eez me that should stay in front of gun abi” we all laughed and after buying we went back to the woman’s place just about when she was done frying. We started to purchase 🍟 While at it one of the men asked how he acquired the car. He swore he wasn’t into anything illegal.

His reply was “in this current economy, there’s no way you’d acquire this kinda car legally” I’m like “wawuuu” 😮 Next thing I heard shocked me… “What is this? Is this not hard drug?”
Yeee aye mi oo, they might ve planted evidence on this guys, but since they were smoking…

The owner of the car was there screaming “I’m 100% sure that’s not hard drug” one of them called him Oya Tunmise come here. The Akara woman said and I quote “Na Money They Go Collect Las las” that’s what killed me.
We left there before any more drama 😪

What is our hope? Criminals would pass if they can pay, while a trigger happy po po would bring down an innocent man who had nothing to pay. When would this stop?!
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