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25 Apr

A day will come when I will close my eyes and it won’t open again. A day when I will breathe my last, a day when I will perceive my last aroma, a day when I would see the earth no more. These thoughts run through my mind and we are all gonna pass through this phase of life which is death. We all pass our death day annually unconsciously. Like a philosopher once said ” We were born so we could die”. A soul that was never born would never die, this I also thought. Like the wise King Solomon said “….the day of death is better than the day of one’s birth”.
I tried to imagine what King Solomon meant by that statement. How is my day of death better than my day of birth. Then I concluded, in death one finds eternal peace and rest.

A lot of people hate to hear the word death. And I think I’m a fan of the afterlife. What happens after death or during its process. We can’t say for sure since we’ve got different views of the afterlife (As a Christian I believe there is a dwelling place for the Christian believers and Hell for Non-christians) Muslims hold a view similar to that of the christains even though there are still distinctions as to who gets to have true peace after death. Different religions have different views of the afterlife. Atheists don’t even believe in afterlife, they believe death to be the final states of every living organisms. Regardless of these distinctions, we all die anyways.

Having studied this life, I’ve observed that the so called righteous are dying earlier than even the wicked. I mean, why should the righteous die painfully and the wicked dies peacefully( sometimes though). Again I concluded, ” The Creator does as He pleases”.
With death comes sorrows and griefs, not for the deceased but the ones still living. Death of a loved one alters our daily activities and we are left down-casted. The activities we once enjoyed becomes so boring and stressful. Appetite is lost and lethargy sets in( These are mostly signs of depression)

I smile when I see people buy expensive coffins, expensive cloths and the likes for their deceased. They throw big parties to celebrate their death. Money not spent on the deceased when living would be wasted at the funeral. People start uttering beautiful remarks about the deceased, remarks that they never or would never say to the deceased while he/she was still alive. They might have forgotten that the dead are not listening to those remarks.
You fight a colleague of yours daily and when you finally hear of his demise, you felt remorse, you then regret not making up with him/her before his/her death. Nothing actually stops you from apologising to someone you need to or mending relationships now. You have someone you fell out with, why not pickup your phone and dial his/her number, who knows he/she might die the next minute

Like I always say, Appreciate every moment you spend would your loved ones, it might actually be the last. If you are far from your parents, call them and greet them daily, tell them how much you love them cause a day would actually come when you will dial their number and they won’t be there to pick it anymore. Free time out of your busy schedule to have good moments with that guy/ lady you claim to love. Happy moments becomes good memories when death does the parting.
In all, enjoy your days in life, drink that Pepsi or Fanta you so much love to drink, watch those football matches, Wrestlings and films well now cause when you finally take your last breathe, these things would also cease. (In case you have forgotten, there is no Game of Thrones after death oooo)
Why not take your time and think about the afterlife, like Socrates once said, “Death might actually be a good thing, who knows”.

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