Passion and determination have kept me going – ADEDEJI, Oluwadamilola Lois

23 Apr

I’m ADEDEJI, Oluwadamilola Lois. A 400 Level Student from the department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Ogbomosho, Oyo State. I’m an Entrepreneur, C.E.O Milad Signatures… I’m into Hair making, Hair styling(Bridals), Manicure and Pedicure, Nails artistry and sales of Hair Extensions.

Growing up for me was fun because I lived with my Paternal Grandma for years and you know how those grandparents used to pamper children. Lol
My grandma pampered me so much that she almost tampered with my future… What I’m saying in essence is that for as long as I lived with my grandma, I never had a sense of what I wanted to become… Saddening tho’
But you know it’s better late than never.

After so many years I came to a conclusions of how I want to live my Life. I decided that I will be an Entrepreneur and then I started…
I started as an apprentice in 2014 and then I stopped along the way…
I discovered that I love Creativity… I like thinking and doing things in a creative way then I went for hairdressing training… I trained with my boss for some years but I wasn’t satisfied… I still felt a vacuum within me that needs to be filled up then I stopped going to work…

My mum was very mad at me for not completing the training she paid for but I assured her everything is going to be fine.
I started surfing the net, looking for means to improve myself and become a better Beautician…
Then I enrolled for another hairdressing training and I ended up half way again… After that training I sat down to think about what I want exactly and I got two answers for myself. The answers are *Hair styling and Nails artistry* and I felt this joy from within.

I started looking out for a hairstylist who will train me and I met the C.E.O of *Golden Finger Touch(GF Touch)* in person of Adebayo Hope… Oh! This personality is awesome. She’s very good at what she does and she won’t stop encouraging me… She is a catalyst for success (I must say)… My first bridal job was from her and she was happy with the outcome… I appreciate her for the opportunity… She trained me for two weeks but she still calls me if there’s any work on ground… She’s a Darling💕💕💕


After two weeks of my training with GF Touch, I started thinking of means to raise money for the nails training but I was able to raise part of the money for the training and then I started my Nails training with *Queen Lanliz Cutie(QLC)* in person of Oluwole Elizabeth… She has been awesome too.

Although I have been working with the little experience i have about hairdressing and Nails, it didn’t take me much time to understand most of the practical lessons I was taught.
I had some challenges, Raising training fees, going hungry to save money for training, saving more money for training tools, sleeping late due to frequent practice, friends who want free Nails and hair, but in all, passion and determination have kept me going.

It is rather important that you do not give up on your dreams. Also, do your best to take someone or some people with you on your road to the top. Success is sweetest when shared. Ire oo 🍻

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Precious Olawumi
Precious Olawumi

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  1. Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect fashions it’s own perfect moments out of ordinary one……Bruce Garrabrandt.
    Greater you and long live MILAD signatures.

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