Rajafar says It’s in You

22 Apr

Some years ago, if someone had asked us what we would want to become, we’d have said: doctors, lawyers, engineers, and so on. Now back to the present, have we become what we wished to become? Well, some might have, but some dropped the idea because it was too strenuous or complicated. Here’s a hint: nothing good comes easy. Fine, these dreams are great, but sometimes we forget that in order to get there, we must work hard, be relentless. The bigger the dream, the harder we work, not only to get there but to achieve more and stand out.

In case we haven’t noticed, placed in each of us are great talents that some, luckily might have discovered and some, unfortunately haven’t found out. What we are to become in like life is in collaboration with our talents. What is that thing we find so easy to do, that others go through a lot to achieve? Is it cooking, lecturing, painting and drawing, inventing, writing, creativity? Theses are what stand us out!

Mind you, talent alone is not enough. You’ll notice that like a million other people have the same talents as you but what will ensure your uniqueness is the fact that you have determined you won’t let this talents die in you, also the way you develop yourself and present the outcome will be a determining factor. Learning is key. Not only will you help yourself, you’ll help others too, maybe as far as providing jobs for them and spreading the advantage as an eye opener.

So, study yourself and determine to add value to yourself.


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Precious Olawumi
Precious Olawumi

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