“Practice makes good, Only obsession makes perfect” – Akinyemi Sebastian

21 Apr

Hello Presh Nation,
Happy Easter Sunday. In the glamour of the movie industries, there are some people who usually get very less of the praises they deserve. The directors work tirelessly to see the images they picture in their head become a reality. Akinyemi Sebastian Akinropo is here today on his road to the top.

PRESH: Good day, let’s meet you please.
AKIN SEBASTIAN: Hi, my name is Akinyemi Sebastian Akinropo.
PRESH: What do you do sir?
AKIN SEBASTIAN: I’m a filmmaker, Emphasis on writing and directing.
PRESH: Your name Sebastian sounds foreign and largely uncommon in this part of the world, how did that come about?
AKIN SEBASTIAN: Is it that unusual?
PRESH: Well, in this country it is.
AKIN SEBASTIAN: Funny enough it kinda means the same thing as Akinyemi, all testosterone.
PRESH: Let’s leave your name for you 😁 what made you decide filmmaking is the way for you?
AKIN SEBASTIAN: Lol. Pulp Fiction. I have a handful of amazing cinema experiences, but after seeing Pulp Fiction, I knew I wanted to do that. That being telling the unusual stories other people aren’t telling.
PRESH: How was growing up like for you?
AKIN SEBASTIAN: Amazing. From a big family, there were always people around. I did all the usual stuff, caused loads of trouble, video games, football, girls. Probably in that order too. Lol.

PRESH: Is there any childhood experience you’d love to share?
AKIN SEBASTIAN: That’s a little vague, but I remember seeing Orun Mooru with my dad as a kid and it remains one of my favorite cinema experiences. I also think that’s when I caught the ocean bug. So when you see all those scenes by the water or on the water in CFI, you know where it came from.
PRESH: Oh, I see What was your parents’ reaction to filmmaking in the beginning?
AKIN SEBASTIAN: They weren’t exactly enthusiastic. To say the least.
PRESH: So how did you get them on your side? Or did you not?
AKIN SEBASTIAN: They saw how serious I was about it. I don’t know exactly when or how it happened but they must have gotten an epiphany along the way and the support has been nothing short of amazing.
PRESH: What would you say is your strength as a filmmaker?
AKIN SEBASTIAN: Adaptability.
PRESH: In what sense?
AKIN SEBASTIAN: As a filmmaker, you run into a plethora of breaking news. The location you thought you had, you don’t have anymore. The actor you rehearsed with is tied down on another set and can’t be in your picture, anymore. Sometimes these things you find out on the day. Your ability to adapt and solve those problems creatively ultimately determines the outcome of your film.
PRESH: If you were to name one filmmaker you’ve always looked up to, who would that be and why?
AKIN SEBASTIAN: Gasper Noè. He’s fearless. No topic or shot or anything is off limits.

PRESH: Please tell us about ‘coming from insanity’
AKIN SEBASTIAN: CFI is the story of the most dynamic dollar counterfeiter in Nigerian history. A genius houseboy from Togo. This is a story that had to be told.

PRESH: What do you do for leisure?
AKIN SEBASTIAN: I watch a lot of documentaries, sports, hang out with friends. I’m obsessed with nature, so I go the beach quite a bit and other semi-safe outdoorsy stuff.
PRESH: OK, based on your first film, what can you say about the industry?
AKIN SEBASTIAN: Well, for anyone thinking of getting into the game. You have to know this in no uncertain terms; IT IS NOT GLAMOROUS. It’s hard work, all of it. So you have to genuinely love the creative process. Even then there will be countless times you’re not able to create anything because you’re fighting obstacles that have nothing to do with the actual creative process. I’ll borrow one of Kossi’s lines in the film, “They say practice makes perfect, but of course this is a lie. Practice makes good. Only obsession makes perfect”.
PRESH: Deep words, thank you very much for your time.
PRESH: Peace ✌

Passion is a very important element of everything. With passion, you’re unstoppable, nobody can tell you that you cannot do it. The vision is always clear in you’re head, play it out!

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3 thoughts on ““Practice makes good, Only obsession makes perfect” – Akinyemi Sebastian

  1. Thanks for this, Presh. A bit of insight into the mind of the genius behind CFI! Obsessively awaiting the release of this film! Out June 14th!

  2. Thanks for this, Presh. A bit of insight into the mind of the genius behind CFI! Obsessively awaiting the release of this film! Out June 14th!

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