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18 Apr

Before I hit the hammer on the nail, we must first understand what feminism is and who is a feminist?
According to an English dictionary, feminism is a social theory or political movement supporting the equality of both sexes in all aspects of public and private life; specifically a theory or movement that argues that legal and social restrictions on females must be removed in order to bring about such equality.
Who then is a feminist, according to the same dictionary, it is a person who supports the equality of women and men.

From the two definitions, we can deduce two facts. One is that feminism is centred on equality of both sexes and two, a feminist is necessarily a woman, it can be a man. We have heard a lot of theories and propositions concerning equality of both sexes and we would examine some of them and deduce some points.

Firstly, we’ve heard feminist clamour for equality in distribution of household chores. They claim boys should also handle the kitchen while the females handle other roles peculiar to boys such as Electrical fixings, furniture fixings etc. Then ascribe this to Gender Discrimination. But this is far from Gender discrimination, by nature, the phenotypic( physics and muscles) characters of the male child surpasses that of the female child that is why the herculean works are given to the males. Nature itself did not make both sexes equal phenotypically. So the distribution of household chores is not discriminatory.

Secondly, I’ve heard a lot people say ” What a man can do, a woman can do better”. Which means if a man can sing, a woman can sing better, if a man can teach, a woman can teach better, if a man can lead, a woman can lead better, but does it not also means that if a man can lie, a woman can lie better, if a man can kill, a woman can actually kill better, if a man can embezzle funds, a woman can actually do that better.

People who mostly use that above saying don’t reason it in the two sides. We’ve seen women who flourished in the world of politics but we have also seen women who fumbled in that Same field. I’m not saying what the men are doing over there is good, what I’m insinuating is if a woman gets there, it might not be any better.
Feminist would always shout, ” Teach your Male child to respect women” which shouldn’t be so. Every child whether male or female should be taught to respect EVERYONE.

It’s just so sad that most ladies who attain the same social or academic status with their spouses find it difficult to be submissive to them. The Bible laid emphasis on the submission of wives to their spouses. The Bible being the ultimate standard of morality did not also teach equality of both sexes, so why is there so much fuse on it. No one is saying Ladies shouldn’t do what the men do. Atleast we have seen ladies excel in fields dominated by men.

Instead of clamouring for equality, why not accept Nature’s will and embrace our distinctions instead.We should embrace our unequalness and complement each other.
I’m not against feminism, I just feel we should examine their take.

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