What Happened the Day I Was Born By Joshua Nicholas

17 Apr

As I write this article, I just keep looking at my life if really the events before my birth have been tackled in any way by me.
At every point in time, the earth recognizes a need, a need for improvement.
Let me bring to our notice as we continue this journey that everyone alive on earth’s planet, has been given an appointment from Heaven. What really happened the day you were born? You were given an appointment letter from your creator to work in Earth’s PLC. Your job description is also given by your employer at a later time in your new organization when you request for it.
Take note, the joy of every employer is to see his/her employees make continuous progress in achieving the set goals of the organization.
During interview (your foetus days), He didn’t looked for the ones with the best CV, but the one He loved; He didn’t also looked for the extra qualities that every employer will want, but He crested them Himself. That was how you scaled through and finally got the job to work here.
My question is since you started working here, what have you helped the company in achieving? If you were to be retrenched, what reasons will you give to stay more? If you were to give an analysis- detailed report of the products or services you have rendered thus far, what will you say?

The very day you were born, God looked down to the earth, He saw something missing, God saw a rift, He saw one more colour that’s not been added to the painting of the earth; above all He saw a problem that has lingered. Trust Him; problem solver. He taught about what to do and ohhh the answer came. He saw you, picked you and equip you for this very purpose to close the rift and solve the problem. He arranged your life, wired and pattern you, and place you in a society and family that will aid you towards meeting the task; and that was how you were found here.
Every single life was created for a purpose. God has never sent anyone without a mission, without an assignment, without something to come and do or add. For the fact that you are alive, its a pointer that God has a unique setting for your life. You are a solution to an existing problem, stop complaining about it and start brainstorming about it. If you don’t fix it, you have disappointed your employer and the company where you are working.
Its a wake up call for us all to discover our strengths and harness our potentials, using our giftings to make the world a better place. To never leave here worst than the way you met it, to be a catalyst for positive change and to achieve God’s very desire for sending you here. You are not a nonentity, you are an embodiment of God’s masterplan to fix up things.
Please don’t leave with the solution deposited in you.
The day you were born you were sent on an earth’s rescue mission; the heavens is a witness to this. Go and ride on your potentials, forget about the obstacles – you were given the capacity to overrun them; the world is

your platform

God bless you.
I will see you at the top!

*To all April born and to everyone who ever have a day he or she was born*
*Happy Birthday Joshua Nicholas*

*Matt 5:14-16*
“You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.
Nor do they light a lamp and put it

under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”

*© Joshua Nicholas*
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