Throwback: Fashion Will Never Go Into Extinction, Keep Believing In Your Brand – AMOO AZEEZAT

14 Apr

Today we have a throwback to our first interview with a busineswoman Amoo Azeezat here:

The growth rate of the fashion industry all over the world is enormous. Fashion trend goes beyond the aesthetic values, it emerges as an expressive tool for designers to deliver their message about the society. These designers, however, require a lot of work put in the production and supply of the materials needed for their designs. Olawumi Precious in an exclusive interview with an astute businesswoman Amoo Azeezat the CEO of House Of De Cherished who deals in the sales of Fabrics finds out somethings about her and how she manages to cope with the sales.

OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Good afternoon. May we know you ma’am?
AMOO AZEEZAT: I am Amoo Azeezat Yewande
OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Alright then , What do you do MA?
AMOO AZEEZAT: I’m a student but also a fashion lover so I sell fabrics
OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Great. How did you start off selling fabrics?
AMOO AZEEZAT: I started when my institution was on strike due to the fact that i just didn’t want to be idle. Some people wondered why I ventured into buying and selling of fabrics and not a handiwork but the simple response is my love for business because my mum is a businesswoman and I usually help her with buying and selling whenever the school is on break. I started with a token of #15000 and I’m progressing.
OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Great. What made you love buying and selling so much?
AMOO AZEEZAT: You stock your shop/store, customers come, tell you what they want. If you have it they pay and you give them what they paid for then they leave nothing more. There’s nothing like a job was given and it has to be done within a time limit.
OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: So in your job do you take credits? Or how do you manage to cope in the country’s present economy?
AMOO AZEEZAT: No, I don’t take credits at all
OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: How do you manage to cope without it?
AMOO AZEEZAT: I believe what’s meant for me will come for me, my customers will stay
OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Great mentality, What kind of fabrics do you sell?
AMOO AZEEZAT: Chiffons, silk, thick chiffon, scuba, dutches, lycra etc
OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Are these the ones that sell well in this part of the world?
AMOO AZEEZAT: These ones are sold and worn all over the world
OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Do you like have a shop or something?
AMOO AZEEZAT: Not yet because of my academics but I will after school by God’s grace
OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Did your parents support your business oriented mindset or what was their reaction to your business? Because some usually think highly of handwork than business
AMOO AZEEZAT: They loved it,they even prefer it to handwork
OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Great, Sure it would have given you so much confidence knowing they’ve got your back
AMOO AZEEZAT: So much confidence is an understatement sir
OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Have you encountered any challenge?
AMOO AZEEZAT: Hun,yes. The business is not a type that has huge profit like that.
OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Would you encourage others to venture into it?
AMOO AZEEZAT: Sure, because people will keep wearing clothes so they definitely need to buy fabrics.
OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: And you’ll be there to supply.
OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Where do you buy your stock from?
AMOO AZEEZAT: I buy them from Gbagi or Aleshinloye in Ibadan
OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Are they sold in bulk there?
OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: So how do you move your sales?
AMOO AZEEZAT: I have the pictures of the fabrics on my phone. I advertise online or one on one, so you choose and we fix the next time to meet or you come to my house to collect it either ways

OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Where do you base your market?
AMOO AZEEZAT: Ogbomosho and ibadan
OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: How do you manage to shuffle through given the distance?
AMOO AZEEZAT: I send via public transport if necessary
OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: OK Do you have anything to say to our readers who also want to venture into the business?
AMOO AZEEZAT: Fashion will never go into extinction so keep believing in your brand
OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Thank you very much ma
AMOO AZEEZAT: You’re welcome sir
OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Can we have your contact for some of our readers who would want to patronize you?
AMOO AZEEZAT: 08109027476 Instagram handle @Houseofthecherished
OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Thank you so much for your time.
AMOO AZEEZAT: You’re highly welcome.
OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: We really hope that the next time we see you, you’d have had your big break.
AMOO AZEEZAT: By God’s grace

Not everyone would get a white collar job. Whether big or small the future of this country lies in the hands of those who are ready to go the extra mile. Know your worth, know what you’re comfortable doing, know what you love doing, create your own future. Ire oo 🍻

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