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11 Apr

Humans by nature are egocentric species. Species that care more about its own survival than that of its kind. The Egoistic nature of man has affected and trashed our society and made it devoid of positive growth.
Altruism is simply put as an act of putting others before oneself. It is actually the act of caring for others in place of oneself. These attributes as complex as it may seem are found in lower animals. Baboons have being pictured taking care of their loved ones, feeding them well and warding off predators.

Lion and mostly gorillas and chimpanzees have also been known to display altruistic characters. When the pride( a group of lions) or a troop (a group of gorillas or chimpanzees) is under attack or threat, the alpha of the pride or troop will fight the predators till death just to protect the pride/ troops. In some cases, these animals sacrifice their lives for the wellbeing of their kind. Even these act of Altruism is found in dogs who would do all it takes to protect its master and families away from danger.
If this attribute is displayed by these animals, then why is it so scarce among the so called higher animals. Our brains and minds might have been created to care for himself/herself alone.

Egocentrism has actually played a very great role in destroying our society. Countries are waging war against each other because of their selfish interests. If leaders of those countries cared for their citizens, they won’t wanna go to war because citizens are the most casualties of war
We are even now in a society where siblings, Family members and even couples bring harms to themselves due to egocentrism. We’ve heard instances of siblings killing themselves over dead father’s properties, we’ve even heard of children who kill their parents just to squander the properties they leave behind. If Altruism actually takes a stance in the society, it would grow better and stronger.

If our so called leaders are altruistic, an average citizen won’t be left alone to suffer, they won’t think of embezzling public’s fund, they won’t owe their workers salaries, they would provide basic amenities for the society. Even some of the citizens who are of the high class are also egocentric. They don’t care about what happens to their workers, all they care about is how to make fat profits. They in some cases work their workers overtime and don’t pay them for the overtime.
Funny enough, even the middle class and lower class are egocentric, many of us just care about making money at the detriment of others, that is why crime rate is so rampant and people are being killed or injured for money sake.

The problem is we are all egocentric individuals and until we become altruistic persons, the society will continue to crumble, was and violence won’t cease, sexual assaults and batterings won’t stop either. No wonder, the 2nd greatest commandments in the Holy Bible is to love your neighbour as you love yourself. Every form of vices occur because we don’t abide by this commandment.
Let us all imbibe the altruistic thoughts and we would all see the society improving.

The End

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2 thoughts on ““Altruism” What our Society Lacks – Phizzet

  1. I want to believe we were wired to be egocentric. And also I don’t want to believe that 100% of the Homo sapiens are egocentric. Most of them become that through experience and we can’t blame all for that.
    We all have tendency of being egocentric.
    I’ll say that’s a Nice write up.
    We can actually inculcate the altruistic nature in the species. Japanese And Dutch are good examples of altruism which means it’s possible to be.

    1. Sir,Thanks so much for this response. Concerning it sir, the post is not to paint the “Homo sapien” specie black but to point out the leading cause of decadence in our society. You are perfectly right to have said not 100% of the human specie is egocentric. Thanks once again, we would be glad to receive more responses from you concerning our posts.

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