Just Believe BY Rajafar

08 Apr

I once asked a lady: ‘do you ever feel intimidated?’ She looked up, surprised at me and sighed; ’Yes.’ I further asked ‘about what?’ and she answered and said: I’m fat and each time I see slim and wonderfully shaped people, I feel downcast and inferior.’

Do you feel the same way too? Maybe not particularly about your shape, it may be your performance when compared with others, or your dressing or composure. Let me tell you this: hidden in you is a treasure you must bring out. If you keep looking at other people’s achievements, you’ll definitely neglect yours and keep it buried till eternity.

Watch out, there’s something people admire you for, sit and examine. They may not necessarily come out and say ‘I like this about you’, it may be in the way they prefer you to do things instead of others, or committing things into your hands because they know you’ll handle it well. That, dear one, is your beauty.
So, I told this lady and genuinely said, ‘I actually admire you.’ Wide eyed she asked, ‘for what?’ I smiled and honestly told her, ‘I love your eyelashes, they’re long and cute. I admire your self-confidence; the way you find it so easy to relate with people.’

She couldn’t find anything good about herself because she had the philosophy that her fatness had swallowed her beauty. Yet, I was able to tell her some of the beauty she possessed and I’m sure she still had hidden in her.

Don’t let anyone ride you. Believe in yourself no matter what. Bring out your hidden treasure, don’t compare and very soon, you will announce yourself to the world. Just believe! Once you believe in yourself, you’ll influence others to not only believe in you, but also in themselves. Find your treasure!


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Precious Olawumi
Precious Olawumi

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