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Black or white, Christian or Muslim, Fulani or Urhobo or awori, the most important thing is that we are humans first. Your love of humanity and the care for your neighbor is not only tested when you’re blessed or rich, the little you do goes a very long way in telling who you really are. That handicapped man you gave 20 Naira prayed for you, that shoe you gave to someone that lacked has helped them a lot, the food you gave that woman and her children has given them hope to live another day. Every single act of kindness doesn’t go without notice.

Lenses and Colors (The Foundation) have taken it upon themselves to create an avenue for easy living for people who aren’t as fortunate as the others. With community service projects including free trainings in vast areas, street cleaning, medical care and many more. On this occasion, they decided to go to Kersy motherless home to show some love to the children and gift some items to them.

Kersy home was established around 1916 in Ogbomoso by white missionaries in particular Miss Ruth Kersy whom the place was named after and has gone on to house so many children over time. Many have gone out of that place to make a good living for themselves and also helped the home in raising other children.
The home currently has 19 children including about 3 that are not even up to a year old. One touching case was that of Itunu

Itunu was supposed to bring ITUNU to his mother but unfortunately, Itunu’s mother dint live to see Itunu as she died at childbirth. Father wasn’t responsible enough, no family member could take him in, Itunu’s mother was buried according to Islamic rights almost immediately after. Hours after he was born, Itunu was dumped in a home for the motherless. It was at this point I removed my glasses and wiped off the single alagidi tear that rolled out of my right eye. Itunu is now in primary one.
This got me thinking that, Itunu’s case is not the first and can not have been the last of this kind of occurrence. Its not their fault the situation they find themselves.

Before leaving, Lenses and Colors took a tour of the home, through the diner, first aid room, toy room, bed rooms, kitchen, court yard and so on. There were also other side attractions, face painting and phone games were dominant because of the no TV or loud electronics policy they have. Also, phones and cameras were not allowed on the tour of the house. They also have a chapel, that is multi utilized as a hall for them.

At the end of the day, pictures were taken of and with the kids.
As earlier stated, one major hope for a progressive nation and world at large, is the love for humanity. If we begin to care for our neighbors, think of their progress and as most holy books preach, love them as ourselves, we’ll have a better world and a better place to live in. As they say, Don’t wait for the world to change, be the instrument of change.

Courtesy- Lenses and Colors (The Foundation)

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