Love That Stings BY Samuel Alonge

04 Apr

Men and Women including animals have evolved to a world filled with Love. A world where we cherish and are cherished by others.
Love according to an English dictionary is an intensive feeling of affection and care towards another person. It is also the Object of one’s romantic feelings.
Love is the feeling that triggers more dopamine (happiness hormone) in the body system. Love has always been associated with good deeds. People are advised to love one another greatly. Love is actually the soul of every relationship. Trust is just necessary to keep the soul alive.

The forms of love is no longer a new idea, but we won’t actually be discussing it. We would look at love in general and why it actually Stings in its own way.
Love like I said earlier has been associated with happiness, joy, peace of mind. But we also forget that Live brings with itself sorrows, pains, griefs, frustration, heartbreaks and to mention but a few.
How these negative feelings got to do with love will actually wallow in the minds of readers. The truth is that grief, sorrow and pain are mostly attached to love. Take for instance, when a family member dies, sorrow and griefs sets in. These emotions came about as a result of the love one has the subject. If there was no love for the subject, there won’t actually be grief or pain. When bad things happen to people we dislike, we don’t actually feel those emotions stated earlier. Even some animals grief. I have a dog. This dog did not eat for 2-3 days because of the death of her only companion which was her puppy. She became depressed and had lethargy for few days before she actually got over the loss.

If you are not matured enough to handle heart breaks, rejection or pain, then going into a relationship should not be considered yet. Research has shown that one of the leading cause of teenage depression is failed relationships. At teenage years, the feeling to get in a relationship is so strong, the emotions are usually heightened and you get easily overwhelmed by flatteries. One jumps into a relationship and because of one’s immaturity, heart break and depression sets in. You don’t actually need to be in a sexual relationship to be happy, you also deserve those loves and affection you give out as much as any other person. Learn to place worth on yourself and you will found out that you will be valued.

To the man or lady who has his/her love rejected by someone, put yourself together, work on yourself in the main time, build in yourself what you actually want in your partner, your personal hygiene should also not be neglected and trust me, you will end up being appreciated by a better person or even that person that once rejected you.

And to the ones who has just experienced a heartbreak. I know how it’s actually hard, you sometimes loose your appetite and the things you once enjoyed doing becomes less enjoyable. Time they say will heal but sometimes people don’t make it to that time, sanity is sometimes lost in some instances.You can actually follow same steps with the ones who has got their love rejected. Do not stop yourself from loving. Like Carl June said “ the walls we build to keep away griefs and sorrows also keeps away happiness”. Like Solomon said in Eccl 7:3 “ Sorrow is better than Laughter, for by a sad countenance the heart is made better”.
And to ones who has lost a loved one or even a pet. Life goes on, you don’t need to force yourself to forget the memories, let them come, reminisce them, let the tears out if you want to. Find something to keep yourself busy with, learn new skills. Spend quality time with positive friends and gradually you will get over the loss.
In all, Life is damn too short not to Love.

With Love from Presh Nation

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