Truths About Cats: They aren’t Devils BY Samuel Alonge

28 Mar

The Society and environment we find ourselves in has polluted our minds about cats. These animals are being segregated and hatred for them booms daily (even though we still have good numbers of cat lovers).
I was so sad when I saw an innocent kitten being stoned to death for no reason. And after that awful act, they started praying and sanctifying the surroundings with the blood of Jesus. I tried questioning them and the response I got was “ it is a demonic creature”. Where in the hell did we get that lame thought that cats are demonic. The Nigerian movie industry( especially Yoruba movies) have made cats look like they are diabolical. Nollywood had made cats look like they are hellish and infernal creatures and this is not so. They indirectly feed the society with wrong notions and creates fear in the ignorant ones. Kids and teenagers and even some adults are made to call on blood of Jesus when they see these creatures, and they are mostly being killed for no reasons.
I am not against killing older cats for meats ( for people who loves to eat the meat), but I am against killing the juvenile cats for reasons that are lame.

A lot of superstitious believes still trend about cats, e.g., cats spits on people’s face and the saliva can make people blind, that’s actually false, cats salivate when they are about eating or hungry ( Most animals mammals especially, also do these). Then why should those creatures be belittled for salivating when it’s something done by most.
Another funny superstition I once heard about cats is that they don’t mate, they only cross over themselves. A cat is a placental Mammal i.e., they can give birth to their young ones alive and feed them with milk produced by their mammary gland. Cats reproduce sexually, they have sperm ducts that conducts sperm into the vulva of their feminine counterpart during mating, copulation occurs in cats and they have a gestation period of about 2-3 months (similar to dogs).

Cats are also intelligent, they can be potty trained. They see better than dogs. A lot of people gets scared because they see cat’s eyes glow at night, this is actually because of the con and rod cells they possess, these cells help them see better at night or where there is low or no light. That is why their eyes glow at night.
Cats are lovely pets and rearing them has a lot of benefits.
Firstly, a house full of cats is actually devoid of rodents like rats and mice. Cats are carnivores and they feed on these creatures. Secondly, they are fun to watch and play with. They help keep boredom at bay. Cats can also be patted and cuddled. Cats can also be left with little kids.

Thirdly, a cat can be a best companion for your lonely dog( though some dog breeds like pitbull terrier, tosa inu etc don’t do well with cats). Cats and dogs if properly raised have been known to bond well.
Cats are not what Nollywood portray them to be, they are lovely creatures that deserve our love and care. Enough of these Religious nonsense. Remember, God created all things wonderfully and beautifully, cats are not exempted.

Adopt a cat or kitten and you won’t regret your decision. But never adopt one if you are not ready to spend, cause cat maintenance can be somewhat demanding. You are actually responsible for their feeding and health status. You should have a savings for your pets in case of emergency situations that are life threatening.
Cats are not demons, not diabolical, they are just as innocent as any other pets. If you can’t care for or feed them , then you shouldn’t hurt any.

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