An Open Word For Internet Fraudsters 2 BY Samuel Alonge

21 Mar

If you are an Internet fraudster, or you know someone who is, please remind them that a word for the wise is enough. A disobedient person lives a life of destruction
Do you guys know the amount of curses rendered to you daily. The families of the people you swindled are not praying for you, they actually curse you in every of their prayers. You made a family bankrupt, you made them cry and brought pain on them. Yet you expect yours to always be happy. My dear it’s impossible, because nemesis hasn’t caught up on you and your peers does not mean it won’t. Like it is written in the Bible,” No sinner would actually go unpunished”.

Even if you don’t run mad or die, you can end up getting caught and imprisoned by law enforcement. You then bring shame to yourself and family members, in some cases you might end up being denounced by your parents, your friends and girlfriends with whom you spend money won’t be there to serve your jail term with you. You are left all alone. The people you tried to impress will now laugh at your stupidity.
In other cases, you are challenged by Law enforcement, you try to escape and you are shot, if you don’t die from the sustained injuries, you might become handicapped or scarred for the rest of your life.

It is not a surprise that it is still gaining more ground in the society. The society has seen fraudsters to be the big boys. They are robbers but they call themselves hustlers, these thieves are now the ladies’ favourite no wonder a high percentage of them are used for the so called “ritual rites “. The society praises them instead of scolding them. The society encourages it instead of condemning it. Stupid songwriters and Musicians are now composing songs in their Honour, and we feel this is normal.
It is even more absurd that some religious leaders are also smiling at this people because of the large donations they make. They can’t teach these youths the right things for the fear of sending them away to another religious centre.

When you ask these people why they do what they do, they say they are collecting their fore fathers’ money that was stolen by the whites’. Let me make it crystal clear to you, your fore fathers were poor, very poor in fact. They had no money!

Parents and Family members also play a part in the sky rocketed rate of Internet fraudsters. An Adage says “ A Child is not into dry-cleaning, yet he / she brings home a lot of cloths”. Your child who is a student uses an expensive phone, rides an exotic car, buys a very expensive television and sound system in your home and you are not even concerned about his source of livelihood. He keeps buying you expensive things and you are happy that you are enjoying the fruit of your labour. Just pray you don’t bite your fingers in the end.
These guys claim they don’t have a choice, but there’s always a choice, the fact that you are fraudster is because you chose to be. Instead of spending so much money buying a laptop, WiFi and other electronics for the fraudulent act, why not invest the money positively. Even you could do better things with those electronics and make reasonable cash rather than using it to swindle.

Everyone Knows unemployment rate is high and the labour market is too filled, but what is wrong is wrong. There actually no excuse for robbing people off the reward of their sweats. These people laboured for their money, you should also labour for yours.
The Society needs to be purged of these punks. It is actually never too late to stop that act, you, yes you can actually make a change. Quit the act. You are valued more than you think.

The End

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