My driving force is Focus and determination – Ogundairo Oluwatobiloba

17 Mar

My name is Ogundairo Oluwatobiloba Hannah, I am an entrepreneur, the CEO of Sonnie’s collection. I am a 400l student of pure and applied Biology in Lautech. I am into buying and selling of clothes and accessories(bags, shoes, sneakers, male and female Jean and so on)

It all started in the year 2016, I started initially not because I love business, I started because most people around me where into one thing or the other, but when I got into business I saw that it wasn’t as easy as it looked because at first I thought it was about making money but I got to know it was using your brain, and your money to look for money. Business has to do with a lot of stress that is why some people start and close down soon
In the beginning, I built my base on the purchasing and resale of data and recharge card, but in the year 2017, I added selling clothes and accessories to my business.

My business is majorly based online, of course data is online and so is most of my collections so I do delivery a lot. My major challenge was capital because customers don’t have the same taste, you have to buy varieties of things. I had to starve myself sometimes to get what a customer want. I even at some point, used my house rent and tuition fee to buy some goods but I knew I had to get my tuition and hostel fee back so immediately I sold my goods, I made sure I sent the money straight back to where it came from. I didn’t think of reusing it because of the profit. It is part of the sacrifice you make in business, because when I started my own business my parents where not in support. At first they thought I would not be able to cope with business and studies but when I was able to pull it off, they gave me their full support.

It hasn’t been easy at all. Sometimes in class, I will take my phone and start calculating my goods, customers also call and demand for my attention most time in class but I attend to some, I switch off my phone at other times.
Sometimes I feel I need 30 hours in a day not 24 hours but over the years I try to over look my profit and switch off my phone while reading because I know once my phone rings I will be distracted and to get back to my books will take nothing less than 30 minutes.

I felt like giving up at some point when I lost everything, not only my profit but also my capital. I had nothing to write home about but I stayed because I kept telling my self there is nothing too difficult for me to do, I am not a failure, this is a phase that I must pass.

To me there are no tricks in business, but one thing that is important in business is honesty, it goes a long way and leaves a lasting impression of your person. Rather than telling a client you have something you don’t and having to cover up with another lie, tell them what you have and tell them if you can get it for them. If you can’t, let them know!. It helps a lot. Also, depending on the pedigree of the client involved, sometimes I sell on credit and sometimes I don’t.

Few years? with God’s grace I plan to attain a certain level of success before graduating from school, then I will build on the success I take out from school.

My driving force is Focus and determination, the journey so far has not really been easy to say the truth it has been a hectic one at that but you know they say “the way to success is not for the weak and lazy it’s for the willing and determined. I went through a lot just to get here and yet I’m still working hard to get to where I am seeing and nobody can
Thank you 😁

If you still believe there’s a limitation to your success or there’s someone your success is tied to, then your life is like a car and you’re in the trunk. Ire oo 🍻

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