An open word for Internet Fraudsters BY Samuel Alonge

14 Mar

Internet fraud popularly known as yahoo yahoo is actually gaining a lot of stance in this nation.
To the yahoo- boys, read this well and digest it.
Òlé lò bà òmó jé, ke mi sha ti lowo ( Stealing corrupts a child, I must just have money). These statements have been made by yahoo boys to claim their innocence. They might in fact have forgotten that what they are doing is actually Stealing in more orderly and tricky manner.

In case you don’t know, a lot of lives have been ruined because of these Internet fraudsters. Men and Women have lost millions to these thieves that call themselves yahoo boys. A lot of families have become penniless because of wrong online transactions with these fraudsters.
The Internet has become corrupted and it is no longer safe to conducts business operations on it again. The Internet is also loosing it values when it comes to online business because of these fraudsters.

Homes have also been destroyed because of some of the illegal activities of these fraudsters which involve false dating & flirting just for extortion, false trading and a lot more of illegal activities.
Internet fraud has even evolved to money ritual (even though I don’t still know if it actually works). Information says people are being used to make more money, it was also spread that ladies’ pants and men’s boxers are also used to make money. The saddest part is that it is heard that people who are being used end up dying or going mad.

All because you wanna spend money, all because you wanna show off your sham life, all because you wanna entice people on social media platform that you are now the king,all because you wanna be like someone who you don’t know his/her source of income, all because you wanna use the latest iPhone and Samsung, all because you wanna rock the latest outfits and look better than your peers, all because you wanna entice your girlfriend who is just a feisty squanderer like you, you ended a life. Is it actually worth it?

O you G-boy, Have you forgotten that there is no peace for the wicked, what is the essence of the money you have if you can’t spend it the way you want, what is the essence of your G-wagon if the only thing you do with it is to run from SARS or EFCC. What is the essence of your luxurious phone if you are scared of moving about with it so you won’t get implicated and arrested.

Because Mr A engaged in yahoo plus and scaled through does not mean you engaging in it won’t make you mad or dead straight away. Your death or madness then leaves your family in turmoil, your mum and dad would then run helter-skelter to cure your insanity not knowing you are only reaping what you’ve sown. Life then becomes miserable to you and your family, your dreams then become shattered. ” If you don’t buy the benz, what do you gain” you say but you end up engaging in money ritual, you bought the benz, ran mad or died, what is then the gain?
Students who are fraudsters also oppress their fellow students with their dirty money on campus, they have forgotten that tables can still turn. They have forgotten that he who laughs last laughs the longest. They have forgotten that the masquerades that dances first would watch at last

… To be Continued

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