Education and the Society BY Samuel Alonge

07 Mar

I have heard a lot of people say Education is a right. Education is a right but WESTERN EDUCATION is actually a CHOICE. Persons should actually be given the freedom to choose whether to have it or not. Enforcing Western education on people who actually don’t want it is in fact going against one of their Human Right which is the Right to Liberty.

Western Education should not be an entitlement. It is just so sad that the society has made it one, without it, surviving becomes very difficult. Education is no longer the Master Key, People who are successful with it are the first class and the ones who study very lucrative and hard courses (MBBS, Law etc.). The rest of the graduates are left with peanut jobs or to struggle on their own.

Students who are not so intelligent are demoralized because they can’t meet up to standards. They become so pressured to bag the first class degree, and failure to bag that degree becomes so frustrating. Some students become depressed all in the name of a bad CGPA. They then commit suicide because they weren’t able to get the desired results. The Society made them forget that they can actually make it without Western education.

They have been made to forget that they can actually impact their generation in the little way they can. Their death then causes more pain to their friends and families, all in the name of Western Education.
That you are not educated does not mean you are done for, you can actually man up and face life challenges. Though it is actually difficult without education, but learning a skill or trade, practicing daily, is still education especially when you work hard to be the best at it.

Also, Enforcing Western education on students makes it loose its value and students end up taking it for granted which can lead to regression in the society. A lot of Gangsters who walk around in our societies are mostly School drop outs who were forced to go to school. Children who are not old enough can still be tested in the area of education, when they grow older, they should be allowed to choose to further study or do something else. Until they actually see the importance of Education, it shouldn’t be forced. The society should also have a changed attitude towards those without a western education.

Ideas aren’t limited to those with educations but I won’t deny that education is beneficial. Basic Mathematical and communication skills are taught in schools and these skills will in some ways help in other fields. In whatever field you choose to be, you must be able to communicate with people and also show quantitativeness.

And to the ones who have got low grades, you might think you have a bleak future, but you can actually step up your game by working harder to boost your grades before finally graduating, because immediately after graduation, the game just got started, you then need to learn a skill or trade and if you have an opportunity to get a good capital, attend business orientations and start up one. Note, it’s easier said than done.

Western Education should not be a Right. It should be a Choice

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