WCW: DANG – The one we love, know but have never seen.

27 Feb

Ife or DANG as she is widely known as is such an electrifying writer and person in general. She is the founder of DANG network. Her Diary @diaryofanaijagirl on instagram and https://diaryofanaijagirl.ng/ has this sort of addictive feeling that always keeps you going back for more.

Unknown soldier as i like to call her shares random thoughts; feelings, views and her feminism will sit your regular feminists down and provide invaluable lectures. She shares a lot of childhood experiences, trust me DANG did what a Yoruba’s call IPATA. She was such a mischievous child. She planned an escapewith her brother because their Mum wasn’t around and their dad wasn’t feeding them as their mum used to, jumped from the top of a balcony to join other compound children in playing football and broke her bum bum, she climbed into a well to scrape water for those that dared her and was unable to climb back up. She together with one of the major characters in most of her stories, Oyinye took sides with Mama Tutu to show Mama Wale pepper.

Today, let’s just say karma has caught up with Ife that is being paid in her own coin. Ola her neighbors son has been terrorizing Ife. Ola is a 5 year old that has been pulling a lot of stunts and has also been saying big things to Ife.

Majorly, last year Ife launched the DANG masterclass in collaboration with Sterling Bank. This is a very educative and interesting programme that has been running on DANG network’s official YouTube page. Ife brings in experts in their field to give explicit and free advices to newbies in such fields. The likes of Lola Shoneyin, Femi Oladehin, Askdamz have been in front of the camera.

Also, big name celebrities have been brought on the DANG monologue. They are invited to tell their experiences, to tell untold truths about themselves. Things that make them sad, things that have hurt them, things they regret.  The DANG monologue has brought the likes of Bisola Aiyeola, Bolanle Ninalowo and Waje.

However, Ife is someone some of us have never seen, in fact, if I pass by her in the mall, I would most probably not know she’s the one except I sense her aura. Notwithstanding, even with the fact that some of us don’t know how she looks, she has managed, did I just say managed?, she has blatantly stolen our hearts away. The impacts she’s had on women generally can never be overestimated. The DANG community she’s built has some of the most civil minded people there can ever be in one place.

We still will keep on trying to see who Ife is, but I think that’s the fun in it. Who is this that has created this movement? Hopefully, one day, we’ll get to know.

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