Originality is the best way to go, be the best version of YOU – Femi Leye

10 Feb

Good day Citizens!

Big shout out to our guest of the day, Femi Leye, Guitarist, Singer and Record Producer. with a couple of top industry performers,He has made a name for himself in the music industry and is working well to keep it. Get ready for his album that drops this year. Enjoy!

PRESH: Good day, let’s meet you please

FEMI LEYE: I am Femi Leye. Guitarist, Singer, Record Producer.
PRESH: Tell us about your early days
FEMI LEYE: I started playing different instruments when i was really young. Started with the drums and percussions, moved to the piano in ’96, then the guitar early 2000’s Its been beautiful ever since
PRESH: How did you discover your love for music in general
FEMI LEYE: My dad played a lot of records around the house, so grew up with good music. That was where the love sparked from basically.
PRESH: What were the challenges when you started out?
FEMI LEYE: Pretty much learning how to play the guitar, I am self taught so trying to figure it all out was challenging, but we are here now.

PRESH: Getting instruments to play with could be expensive. How did you cope?
FEMI LEYE: Well my Parents bought me my first 2 guitars, I just took off from there,as for the other instruments, I learnt in church.
PRESH: Did you play for the choir?
PRESH: Tell us about your family background
FEMI LEYE: I’m from a family of 5, first of 3 kids,my parents are the absolute best, my siblings are incredible, they are my G’s
PRESH: Were your siblings also into music at one point or the other?
FEMI LEYE: Oh yes, I taught my brother how to play the bass guitar and we were in the choir together. My sister was also in the choir at one point.
PRESH: How was the experience going professional
FEMI LEYE: It was a bit challenging getting people to know that I have the skill set to take on genres of music and be in a band. But it all worked out well

PRESH: Were you in a band?
FEMI LEYE: A Lot of bands, Played with different gospel artistes at a point, Different pop artistes
PRESH: Can you list a few?
FEMI LEYE: Rooftop Mcs, Kenny Kore, BOUQUI, played with a lot of pop artistes like Dr Sid, Ice Prince, Tiwa Savage, Reekadobanks, Mocheedah, if you give a list I might remember all of them Lol
PRESH: Lol How was your educational background?
FEMI LEYE: My parents are teachers so I got the best education. Studied Food Science and Technology at the Federal Polytechnic Ilaro.

PRESH: How was school life? Besides, why did you decide not to study music?
FEMI LEYE: I love science so studying my course was really cool because I had to work in the lab with different chemicals, conducting different experiments. It never really occurred to me at the time to study music.
PRESH: Moving forward, have you taken any courses music related?
FEMI LEYE: None. I study with materials that I find available.
PRESH: Tell us about your latest release ‘Ojumo Ire’
FEMI LEYE: The song is very dear to my heart because its the declaration of Goodness in a new day. It’s a very important prayer. And I am very happy with the way it came out.

PRESH: You got married last year, has that changed anything?, and how have things been ever since?
FEMI LEYE: It has changed everything, my wife is an incredible person and she inspires me daily.

PRESH: You were awarded the Best Afrojazz Producer by beatz awards in 2016. How important is the recognition?
FEMI LEYE: It was very important, being recognised as a producer meant a lot to me because a lot of people did not know that i produce my music.
PRESH: So what’s the production process like?
FEMI LEYE: It differs, I have a chord progression and I write the melody, sometimes I have the lyrics before starting the production.
PRESH: You once mentioned King Sunny Ade is the reason you play the guitar which of the icon’s song do you love most?
FEMI LEYE: You can’t have a favourite Sunny Ade song, that’s impossible. E dide ke mujo is one of my favourites though

PRESH: You were named as part of Adekunle Gold’s band ‘the 79th element’ how has it been?
FEMI LEYE: Yes I was, it was an amazing experience working with AdekunleGold, He is incredibly talented.

PRESH: Newbies in the industry often need some motivation. Can you offer some in words?
FEMI LEYE: Be yourself, don’t conform. Originality is the best way to go, be the best version of YOU
PRESH: Please leave a short message for your fans on what to expect soon.
FEMI LEYE: My Album drops this year so get ready for some mind blowing music, thank you all for the love and support.
PRESH: Thank you so much for your time, we’ll be waiting on that album.
FEMI LEYE: Thank you so much
PRESH: Peace ✌

Some times the odds are with you, sometimes the odds are against you. whichever way, make sure the odds are not wasting, get that goal and win that GAME! Ire oo 🥂

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