“Don’t waste time riding on the wrong boat” – Samuel Ajibola

03 Feb

Happy Silver Citizens!
On the occasion of our 25th interview, we have with us Samuel Ajibola, popularly known as Spiff from Africa Magic television series The Johnsons. The child education enthusiast has recently become a Film producer and event compere. Enjoy his road to the top.

PRESH: Good day, can you introduce yourself to us please?
SAMUEL AJIBOLA: Hello , My name is Samuel Ajibola an actor popularly known as Spiff from the African magic television series called “The Johnsons “.I’m The first of 3 siblings and I have a b.sc in political science from the University of Lagos and ive been acting since i was about 6 or 7 till date but More recently , I’ve become a Film producer , an event compere and a child education enthusiast.
PRESH: Where did you grow up?
SAMUEL AJIBOLA: I was born in Mazamaza but the Majority of my growing up happened in surulere,Lagos . I literally did primary schooling till university there and till date.
PRESH: Tell us a little about your childhood
SAMUEL AJIBOLA: My childhood was filled with a whole lot of Fun experiences. I grew up learning to take care of my siblings and that developed a sense of responsibility in me at a tender age. I grew up acting , swimming & playing music instruments also. I attended handmaids international catholic school then command secondary school.
PRESH: What circumstances led to you taking care of your siblings?
SAMUEL AJIBOLA: My parents put us in the same school and taught me to take care of my siblings so i became who they always looked up to.
PRESH: Growing up and acting, did you imagine going professional and being where you are today?
SAMUEL AJIBOLA: Nopes . I never thought I would be an actor today when i started. I was just being myself when my aunt discovered that i had the talent in a church drama and decided to push me forward. I didnt even realise it until i started winning awards and started considering it as a talent. I and my parents just started considering it By the time i won 3 best kid actor awards. I’m really grateful to God for giving me parents who were supportive to understanding what i was good at, and saw that i Loved acting.
PRESH: After discovering quite early, one would have thought you’d consider studying theatre arts. Why did you choose political science?
SAMUEL AJIBOLA: Ironically, I never thought of studying theater arts. When it was time to get into the Uni , i was more interested in Business Administration or Law. At the end of the day , i ended up graduating from Political science but i ensured i got a degree in Acting for Film at the center for excellence in film and media studies owned by the late Mrs Amaka Igwe.
PRESH: Tell us how your professional acting career started
SAMUEL AJIBOLA: It started in Church . I was called to act the story of Samuel in the bible during one of the church’s drama. My Aunt discovered that i had the talent to took me for a movie casting in need of a kid actor. I was tested and thats how i got my first role in “Tears for Love” .
PRESH: Opa Williams directed that movie and soon after you took a break, why was that?
SAMUEL AJIBOLA: I took a break after 7 years of very active acting because i was a kid who was going through school and needed my focus to be there because at a point it became a distraction and i had to repeat a class for it.
PRESH: Could this have added to your interest in child education?
SAMUEL AJIBOLA: Overtime , Yes . Education is Key to the development of any Child who would be fundamental in making the society a better place. But more Recently, the rate of children dropping out of school is alarming hence the United nations making it one of their sustainable developmental goals. If children are the leaders of tomorrow, i believe they should be prepared for it today.

PRESH: Coming back, you became more popular, especially for your role as spiff in Africa Magic’s The Johnsons. Tell us how it started
SAMUEL AJIBOLA: Well , by the time i was in Uni , i was more mature enough to handle the pressure of running both a career and school at the same time. I got back into the industry and attended a tinsel audition. Months later, i got the call for a new TV show that my stature fit. I went for it and gave my best.

PRESH: You have several accolades to your name so far, one of them coming in 2017 when you were awarded as the best actor in a comedy at the prestigious AMVCA. How important are these recognitions for you?
SAMUEL AJIBOLA: I have mixed feelings about award Recognitions. On one hand , I humbly appreciate the Recognition of the Hardwork ive been putting for years into my craft but on the other hand , i dont see myself as acheived anything yet so i dont feel accomplished.

PRESH: At what point do you think you’d be able to feel that way?
SAMUEL AJIBOLA: Maybe when i win the Oscars . Just kidding .lol I really dont think awards as much as i appreciate them can make me feel entitled. I dont ever want anything i’ve achieved to ever get to my head.
PRESH: That’s interesting, we hope you get to win that anyways. You’re in the spotlight now for your role in Woli Arole’s THE CALL. Tell us about the must watch movie.
SAMUEL AJIBOLA: I would like to thank my brother Arole for bringing me on board his movie to show Nigerians another side of my talent as an actor. A lot of people prior to now have stereotyped the character Spiff as who i am or all i am, so i was glad the Opportunity in the character Augustine came which is still a funny guy, but in a different light entirely. The movie talks about a journey of self discovery amongst one’s friends. It shows you that some friends will leave you in times of trouble and some will stick with you till the end

PRESH: How did you meet Woli Arole?
SAMUEL AJIBOLA: We actually met on the set of Mr Owen Gee’s movie ” 100 million ” . A movie we did 2 years ago.
PRESH: Is there anything in view for you on the political scene?
SAMUEL AJIBOLA: Well , for me . Its not just because i studied political science that makes me interested in politics but because i grew up leading my younger ones selflessly and i feel the need to bring good governance to our people. We deserve more than our myopic corrupt leaders full of greed.
PRESH: So you will be running for office anytime soon?
SAMUEL AJIBOLA: I cant say for now.
PRESH: What life principles have always kept you going?
SAMUEL AJIBOLA: Hardwork , moderation , consistency and being real.

PRESH: Tell us about ‘Dele Issues’, where did the idea come from?
SAMUEL AJIBOLA: Dele issues is actually a pun on “Daily issues” . It’s about the life of a character called Dele and how he goes through life issues and his means of going about them. The set of skits are on my YouTube channel (samuelajibolatv) and i hope to do big things with the content in the nearest future. It has an episode with the Ex-president Chief Olusegun Obasanjo .

PRESH: Apart from the call, which other movies have you featured in recent times?
SAMUEL AJIBOLA: Because of my tight schedule and also the other projects im working on , i havent done any after that but im really looking forward to my next film feature.
PRESH: Any advice for newbies in the industry?
SAMUEL AJIBOLA: You have to be sure of what your calling is. Don’t waste time riding on the wrong boat and there is nothing you cannot achieve without hardwork , consistency and Humility.
PRESH: Any message for your family, friends, fans, well wishers in general?
SAMUEL AJIBOLA: I cant thank them enough for the love and support they have shown me all these years. They are the best!
PRESH: Thanks a lot for your time, we hope to have you again some other time. Peace ✌

Accept responsibility, a little extra afford can put you in the position you want to be. Ire oo 🥂

Moment Samuel Ajibola won the AMVCA

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