“Always have people you can call if things are going south” – Nora Awolowo

20 Jan

Presh Nation,
Another lovely day here and we have Oreoluwa Awolowo Popularly referred to as Nora Awolowo. The final year student of accounting at the Ekiti State University highlights her journey from the scratch to the point she is now.

PRESH: Good day, let’s meet you please.
NORA: Hi, I am Awolowo Oreoluwa, preferably called Nora Awolowo.
PRESH: Your name is Oreoluwa, so what’s the origin of Nora?
NORA: Nifemi Oreoluwa Racheal Awolowo. An abbreviation of my names.
PRESH: OK Nora, what do you do?
NORA: I am a student studying accounting at the Ekiti State University, currently in my finals and pursuing my passion in photography and film making.
PRESH: Thinking of the correlation between accounting and film making, how did it start?
NORA: It started in 100L, apparently the only correlation is the business aspect. Met a friend on twitter, we decided to meetup and hangout and that was it, I mentioned how I love capturing moments but couldn’t afford a camera. He shared contact of people who us their smartphones for great pictures, and boom I was stalking everybody and growth happened.
PRESH: This friend is also a professional photographer?
NORA: No a dentist, was doing his NYSC at the state hospital but loved photography and had a camera.
PRESH: How did your family take adding photography and film making to accounting?
NORA: Didn’t go well at first, the idea of photography wasn’t well received as it was perceived with the image they portray photographers as before. And my work always had me staying up late outside which was banned in the house, but recently a lot has changed. I have had to relate with them and we have decided to work on making my schedules work with my time, sometimes someone in the family have to either pick me up or drop me off to where I can find my way late nights or early mornings.

PRESH: When did you first notice you love capturing moments? Was it a thing from your childhood?
NORA: No, always wanted to become a banker, along the way I derived joy in telling people’s stories visually
PRESH: Why is that so?
NORA: It happens, life happens.
PRESH: Talking about life, how was life growing up?
NORA: I don’t think mine was any different from the Nigerian home. Grew up in Christian family,we all had our roles to play and knew what to do.
PRESH: What memory from your childhood is the sweetest for you?
NORA: I really can’t remember much. But I was looked forward to anniversaries, from school parties to church. My sweetest was during one of our children anniversary and we had to recite memory verse, I was told to recite all chapters from genesis to revelation. I was scared but did it,couldn’t even finish because people stood up to clap for me, we always had gift waiting for us then after reciting your verse. It was thrilling, I was so happy. I don’t think I will forget that soon.
PRESH: Going forward, what major works have you done?
NORA: Personal projects, my first short film means a lot to me. But for clients, you can’t mention their names due to agreement. But I have worked with amazing top brands, from phone brands,to PR, to the entertainment industry.
PRESH: Tell us about your first short film
NORA: ‘The Proposal’ as the name implies was about a rejected proposal due to peer influence.

PRESH: Have there been others yet?
NORA: Working on two major this year and a lot of documentaries. Released the teaser for one recently ‘Discovery Quest’,response was good, so yeah…we are on the right path.
PRESH: Your recent work with Lota chukwu and 2019 called are ones I personally enjoyed and I must commend that. How do you get the inspiration for such works?
NORA: Watching people I look up to, staying alone and darkness, I think well during this moments.

PRESH: Who are those you look up to?
NORA: Tope Oshin, Peter McKinnon,Packer Walbeck.

PRESH: Diji Aderogba whom we figured you know, was also a guest on this platform. How important are relationships with Co creators like this?
NORA: Nothing like team work, you get people to share ideas with, learn from also. Two heads are better than one they say, so as a creator, always have people you can call if things are going south
PRESH: Have there been any challenges so far?
NORA: If electricity is fixed,90% of my problem is. You get a job and 30% is going into buying petrol to fuel your generator to edit. I find it difficult moving around with gadgets also because of where I stay and bad road network.
PRESH: With quality of work comes a bigger workload. Have the recognitions started rolling in yet?
NORA: Not there yet, but we thank God. People are beginning to realise and appreciate the work I put into it, I have seen people walk up to me to encourage me, received a call from someone who took my number off my social media page today who called to appreciate what I do. At the end of the day,it is the thoughts that matters.

PRESH: What are your plans going forward
NORA: Creating good visuals, learning more and telling stories in a way people can relate to. Work on more personal projects, I hope to work with more brands too this year.
PRESH: When we hear the name Nora Awolowo, what do you want ringing on our heads?
NORA: One of the best cinematographer and film maker Nigeria will ever produce.

PRESH: Do you also shoot musicals?
NORA: Hmm, for now I only worked on the PVC Story by one of Nigeria’s best rapper AQ. I was shocked he trusted me with his project, glad we were able to pull it off. I will be working with few artists this year, so yeah, a lot to look forward to.

PRESH: A brief message for your family, friends and other well wishers
NORA: Refer if you can, like, comment and share if you can’t refer, just find a little way to support as we break boundaries.
PRESH: Thank you so much for your time, we hope that you break those boundaries.
NORA: Thank you for yours too.
PRESH: Peace ✌

There’d be pressure, left, right, center. There’d be millions of reasons to give up. Focus on what you want to do. Be open minded and ready to learn, you can also break boundaries. Ire oo 🥂

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