“I never imagined that I would stand among those I grew up watching” – Zainab Balogun-Nwachukwu

13 Jan

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It’s a beautiful day and we have with us a very exemplary actress, model and TV presenter Zainab Balogun-Nwachukwu. Popular especially for her role as Wonu in The Wedding Party. The law graduate spoke on how she’s gotten this far in her career.

PRESH: Good day, can you introduce yourself to us?
ZAINAB BALOGUN: My name is Zainab Balogun-Nwachukwu and I’m an actress.
PRESH: Tell us about your R&B group in school?
ZAINAB BALOGUN: I was in a girl group with two other friends when I was in Secondary School. The group was called Regne. We all loved to sing and took the opportunity to form a group during talent shows both in and out of school. The more practice we got in writing, producing and performing, the more we were able to perform regular and make some money using our talents.
PRESH: Why and when did you decide to return to Nigeria?
ZAINAB BALOGUN: I moved to Nigeria in 2012. I had booked a role in a new series the year before which required me to live here full time.
PRESH: After studying Law, why did you switch to acting?
ZAINAB BALOGUN: There was no switch. I was always juggling both.
PRESH: Tell us about The Spot and your Co hosts?
ZAINAB BALOGUN: The Spot was a daily talk show co-created by myself and Lamide Akintobi. The show featured talks on lifestyle, pop culture, politics and more. On screen with us was Ebuka Obi-Uchendu was also a joy to work with. The dynamic was authentic and that was what made the show great.

PRESH: What do you do for Jumia TV
ZAINAB BALOGUN: I was a presenter and producer of the The Jumia TV teleshopping show.
PRESH: How was the experience, being a model at 16.
ZAINAB BALOGUN: Modeling early on was fun and exciting. It was a new world for me to explore and it came with great experiences from traveling, meeting new people and being featured in established publications.

PRESH: How was life in The University of Kent.
ZAINAB BALOGUN: Life at university went by pretty fast. I lived on a small campus which meant the typical university life expectations weren’t met as I would have hoped, I built a small network of friends who have now become family.
PRESH: How did you feel when you were casted for your role in The Dark Knight Rises? What role did you play?
ZAINAB BALOGUN: I played the featured role of a dancer in the movie. I was overwhelmed once I discovered what set I was on. The magnitude of a hollywood production blew me away simply because of all the details. I never imagined that I would stand among those I grew up watching and loved like Samuel L Jackson and Christian Bale.
PRESH: You recently won The future awards, how exciting was it to have been recognized?
ZAINAB BALOGUN: It was extremely rewarding winning the award and being recognized by TFA. I had watched my friends receive awards in previous years and truly new the value of what the association would bring. It was hutumbling to see that my work was appreciated.

PRESH: You got married in 2018, congratulations on that. How have you been able to manage things efficiently as well as stay off the news as much as possible?
ZAINAB BALOGUN: I simply focus on my work and producing good projects.

PRESH: How was it like growing up with relatives most of the time.
ZAINAB BALOGUN: I come from a big family of supportive individuals. There’s never been a time where I didn’t have family behind me.
PRESH: You started as Wonu in The Wedding Party, and Ope in Royal Hibiscus, Movies that have gained international viewing. Can you say that Nollywood is moving in the right direction?
ZAINAB BALOGUN: Nollywood is definitely growing and is doing so at a fast rate. Our movies are crossing the boarder with international recognition. This is a great sign that the world is finally ready for us.

PRESH: Apart from yourself, who are your favorite actors? Locally and internationally
ZAINAB BALOGUN: Viola Davis, Merly Streep, Somkele Idhalama, Ade Laoye and Patrick Diabuah and Karibi Fubara.
PRESH: You coming founded J-ist TV, What was the thinking behind it and why did you shut it down?
ZAINAB BALOGUN: The show was simply an entertainment news show targeted towards those who were away missing home. We gave them a taste of entertainment and life in Nigeria. The project concluded because my partner and I were moving to Lagos permanently to work on different projects.
PRESH: As a model, who’s your favorite stylist to work with?
ZAINAB BALOGUN: I don’t particularly work with stylists but rather designers directly.
PRESH: Tell us about Premier Model Management and your time with them.
ZAINAB BALOGUN: Premier was and is one of the most popular agencies in London. I learnt a lot from my time there and I was exposed to a world that will always be a strong part of my story.
PRESH: What are the things you do for fun?
ZAINAB BALOGUN: I love spending time with family, eating out and watching movies.

PRESH: Are you currently working on any projects we can know about?
ZAINAB BALOGUN: There are no projects i can discuss at the moment.
PRESH: Please leave a message for your fans.
ZAINAB BALOGUN: I have the most amazing fans and I have grateful for all of their support!
PRESH: Thank you so much for squeezing out time from your busy schedule to respond to us.
ZAINAB BALOGUN: Thank you for getting in touch and all the best with your platform!
PRESH: Peace ✌

There’s no harm in trying a lot of things at once. There’s also nothing wrong in focusing on one thing at a time. Know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll find a way. Ire oo 🥂

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