“Be persistent and hard working. You will surely make it” – Seun Osigbesan

06 Jan

Hello Presh Nation,

We have with us today Seun Osigbesan whom we know on popular Africa Magic Series The Johnsons as Jennifer. She talks about her journey and where she started from and where she’s going.


PRESH: Good day ma’am, My name is Precious Olawumi
SEUN OSIGBESAN: I’m Seun Osigbesan
PRESH: Tell us what you do and how you started your career
SEUN OSIGBESAN: I am an actor. I started my career in 2010 on Kamsons and Neighbour series. Then I proceed I the year 2011 and attended Tinsel audition where I got a call back 3times but didn’t get a chance to go. I got a 4th call back and this time it was for a fresh Africa magic tv series and luckily for me I had all the time in the world for it so I got cast in early 2012 as one of this major tv show which was The Johnsons and that is how it has opened other doors for me
PRESH: What role did you play in kamson and neighbors?
SEUN OSIGBESAN: I played Biodun the second child but the first female child of The Kamsons family on Kamsons and Neighbours Though I was a replacement for that character. The original got married and left
PRESH: The role must have been for people about to get married considering you also got married not long after 😂
SEUN OSIGBESAN: Yes ooo I got married not long after….how did you know?😃

PRESH: I did the math. Let’s talk about you as a person, Tell us about your childhood
SEUN OSIGBESAN: I grew up in Abeokuta Ogun State. I also schooled in Ogun State all my life, primary, secondary and tertiary. I attended Lawson nursery and primary school and Montessori primary school. I attended Abeokuta Grammar School and Olabisi Onabanjo University (O.O.U). I am the third out of four of my mom’s children. I have always loved acting and watching home videos since I was a child. I actually developed the passion for acting from watching home videos. I would write a page drama or story and call our play mate neighbours to come act it out. I did that several times. When I finished secondary school, my mom allowed me to start going for auditions in lagos. Nothing clicked until I got into Kamsons and Neighbour and that was when I was in 300level in school.
PRESH: How was school life? What kind of student were you?
SEUN OSIGBESAN: School was good. I wasn’t all that social though. I was more of a church girl🙈 in school. I go from class to rehearsals (theatre arts) then to fellowship for meetings and service. That was majorly my life back in school.
PRESH: What did you study in OOU?
SEUN OSIGBESAN: I studied Performing Arts in O.O.U

PRESH: What role did your family play in your acting career
SEUN OSIGBESAN: All my family were very supportive starting from my mom whom I never expected so much support from. I thought she would be biased about decision to be an actor(looking at how women in that industry have been unlucky with marriage) but she wasn’t. She supported me and would even encourage me with t.fare most times to Lagos up until I got on The Johnsons. And my other siblings would help me search for auditions and would accompany me to Lagos for auditions. I have the best family. Thank God for them in my life
PRESH: How was the experience like, playing the role of a young Jennifer in the Johnsons even when you were married.
SEUN OSIGBESAN: Well….. being a married woman and playing a young girl has left the impression on people generally that am as young as Jennifer in the real life. People find it hard to accept since inception that am a ‘woman’ not a ‘girl’. I’ve had countless reports from my colleagues that’s fans are asking for my number and my colleagues would tell them “Jennifer no be small girl o….she be married woman with a child sef”. That was before I had “babyscience”. I also got a lot of that on social media and from fans I met on my own. People just recently started coming to terms with the fact that am ‘married’ especially when I had Babyscience and got married to Goodluck. Now that they see me as a ‘married woman’ on tv, its easier to relate.


PRESH: How would you describe your attitude towards work?
SEUN OSIGBESAN: Oh my attitude towards work is commitment, faithfulness and loyalty. Whatever I won’t be committed to, or whatever doesn’t deserve my loyalty, I don’t do at all. Whatever I will do, I will surely be committed to it.
PRESH: How was your first experience on set like?
SEUN OSIGBESAN: My first experience on set, was mostly about observation. Observing how film production is done cos what I was used to in school was ‘stage production’ (how we could do several takes and take several shots in one scene). I wasn’t nervous about my performance cos I was already used to acting a lot on stage back in school. My first experience on set was fun.
PRESH: Playing the role of Jennifer for such a long time, How well do you relate with the Johnsons in reality?
SEUN OSIGBESAN: 😁😁 well it wasn’t a smooth relationship with them from the beginning especially with the older colleagues but as time went on we began to understand each other, most especially when we realised that the show is not a one-off but continuous. And now we are literally family 😁


PRESH: You brought baby science into the show, was there any reaction from friends, family. How did your husband feel about it? How did you, feel about it?
SEUN OSIGBESAN: Friends and family were happy to see their baby on tv. My husband was game as well, he loves watching his baby on tv. And as for me, I wouldn’t have loved it if it was another person’s baby I ended up with seeing that my baby has been a part of the show from the womb. I absolutely love it.

PRESH: The show has been rewarded in recent times, winning the AMVCA. Do you think you also have been duly rewarded for all of your hardwork?
SEUN OSIGBESAN: Only God rewards duely. I am still waiting on that reward
PRESH: Actors of shows rarely have time for other movies, have you been able to squeeze out time for such jobs?
SEUN OSIGBESAN: True we hardly have time for other jobs but yes I have a done a few, and I was able to squeeze out time because we love it when other jobs call for us. Nobody likes to be on one spot doing the same thing over and over. We want to do something new and something different from the regular and your fans too want to see you in a different light so that’s why we always squeeze out time when that opportunity comes.
PRESH: What movies have you worked on?
SEUN OSIGBESAN: #fifthanniversary #truthordie #black #truthfullies

PRESH: If you were to choose another career path, what would that be?
SEUN OSIGBESAN: Sincerely I love teaching and imparting into the young ones. I would love to teach or own a school.
PRESH: Going forward, what are we to expect from Seun Osigbesan?
SEUN OSIGBESAN: I aspire to be a film maker soon and of course take my acting career to the next level by featuring in more movies.
PRESH: Do you have a word or two for your fans?
SEUN OSIGBESAN: Stay with your dreams. Believe God can do it for you, don’t take unnecessary short cuts. Be patient and wait for it. Be persistent and hard working. You will surely make it.
PRESH: Thank you so much for your time, we really hope to have you again soon. Peace✌


Whatever dream you have, whatever you want to achieve, don’t stop until you achieve it. Have a pleasant week ahead. Ire oo 🥂

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