Music is spiritual, when it hits you, you feel no pain – Masterkraft

30 Dec

Happy last Sunday of the year Presh Nation,

David Skima is here with us today, Guitarist and music producer, Masterkraft of BrodaShaggi. Although he wanted to be a footballer, the graduate of creative arts ended up following the family tradition of Music. We had a little chat here


PRESH: Good day sir, can we know your name?
MASTERKRAFT: Good day. I’m Adeitan Ayomide David popularly known as Masterkraft to the famous BrodaShaggi
PRESH: You’re a guitarist, can you tell us about your music and how you started?
MASTERKRAFT: Initially, it was never in my plans to be a guitarist / a musician. I wanted to be a footballer. I grew up with siblings that make music. One plays saxophone, the other one plays trumpet, the other one sings excellently and I was just there. So during our normal family talk, my parents and my brothers would call me useless for not being able to play any music instrument. It was at that point I decided to learn the guitar. Everything is history now😜
PRESH: Did you go on to play football professionally at any point?
MASTERKRAFT: No. Though I joined a local football team back in my hometown which I left some months later… I haven’t really played professionally since then
PRESH: Do you have a specific genre of music or are you a total package?
MASTERKRAFT: I do country, blues, jazz, highlife majorly But I’m an all round person still.

PRESH: Wonderful, where did you grow up?
MASTERKRAFT: I grew up in Iperu Remo, Ogun state…. And I’m proud of my root.
PRESH: How was growing up like for you?
MASTERKRAFT: Growing up was fun… It was interesting too… You know, like I told you earlier, I wanted to be a footballer.. So growing up, all my mind was towards that… I would lie to my mum about visiting a friend only for me to go elsewhere and play football… But most of my growing up days, it was a two way thing.. From School to my mum’s shop/vice versa…and it continued like that until I gained admission into the University.
PRESH: Which university did you attend?
MASTERKRAFT: University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba.
PRESH: What did you study?
MASTERKRAFT: I studied Creative Arts… theatre arts precisely.
PRESH: Nice, is that a path you’re looking to thread outside music?
MASTERKRAFT: Yea Yea… I’m looking forward to doing theatre arts aside music
PRESH: UNILAG must have been where you met Broda Shaggi apart from the fact that he’s also from Ogun State.
MASTERKRAFT: Yea Yea… We met in Unilag in 2013.
PRESH: How has your relationship been ever since?
MASTERKRAFT: Its been very interesting working with him… He’s such a hard-working person and I’m also adjusting to it… But above all, it’s been a pretty good journey.

PRESH: You talked about your siblings love for music too, did they also go on to become artistes?
MASTERKRAFT: Erm, not really… They are into other things but still do Music.
PRESH: What inspires you as a person?
MASTERKRAFT: Love of music basically…I really get inspired by some great guitarists.
PRESH: Do you have any role models?
MASTERKRAFT: Yea I do… A lot. Foreign: Sungha Jung, Eric Clapton, George Benson Nigerians : Fiokee, Femileye, David Ubani, Godwyn, Nsikak… A whole lot of them
PRESH: You’ve been involved in some of broda Shaggi’s skits of recent how have the have experiences been?
MASTERKRAFT: I think my acting skills has improved….I used to be a serious actor when I was in school before, like I thought I couldn’t do comedy but you can’t be with Shaggi and say you’re a tragic actor… Another thing, Shaggi is a fantastic singer….(singing is not my calling, I can’t sing to save my life) but he told me he wants me to always sing whenever he sings… I think I’m a better singer now… #winks

PRESH: What excites you most about music?
MASTERKRAFT: The sound, the pleasure derived. Music is spiritual, when it hits you, you feel no pain…
PRESH: There have been a lot of credible talent shows across the nation for sometime. Are you looking to go for one soonest?
MASTERKRAFT: Nah Nah… I’m not a fan of talent shows
PRESH: What are your immediate plans going forward?
MASTERKRAFT: I’m a music producer also and I’m pursuing my production career…
PRESH: Tell us about the works you’ve produced
MASTERKRAFT: I haven’t produced any song officially… I’ve been lowkey as a music producer. I’m going all out in 2019

PRESH: That’s great what other things do you do outside music acting and football?
MASTERKRAFT: I take guitar lessons…. But seriously, my life is centred round these three things… I don’t think I do other things…
PRESH: Apart from the guitar so you play other instruments?
MASTERKRAFT: Yea, I play the piano too

PRESH: What policies do you live by?
MASTERKRAFT: Whatever you’re asked to do, do it well… This has been my policy and it was introduced to me by my dad.
PRESH: Wow, it’s been a pleasurable time with you, we hope you find your major hit.
MASTERKRAFT: Amen.. Thank you for having me🙏🏽
PRESH: Thanks for your time, We hope to have you again soon
MASTERKRAFT: Say no more bro.
PRESH: Peace ✌

Be humble, stay loyal. Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.  Learn to be a master  at what you do. Learn to boss up and own your game. Till I come your way again next year 2019, Ire oo 🥂

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