” I want to be remembered for setting the pace” – The Softlander

23 Dec

Presh Nation!

It’s Christmas week guys! Happy celebrations!
The Softlander just landed in our territory and we’re glad she did. Adeyemo Opeoluwa Praise is an OAP at City 105.1 FM. I can assure you that talk is her trade and she’s more than qualified to satisfy you. The beautiful philosopher and aspiring lawyer is our guest for this week.



PRECIOUS: Welcome Softlander
PRAISE: Good morning precious ๐Ÿ˜
PRECIOUS: Can you introduce yourself as you would on air?
PRAISE: Hi My Name is praise aka thesoftlander, #Talkismytrade and I am qualified to satisfy you
PRECIOUS: Beautiful, beautiful praise. Tell us a little about yourself, growing up and all
PRAISE: Hmmm! How do I even describe myself? Lol! I am a very gentle, fun, interesting and amiable person. Growing up as a child. I was very shy, quiet, fragile and skinny. Emphasis on skinny and fragile. Lol! So I was bullied a lot. But interestingly, what I lacked in physical strength, I made up for with intellect. So unequivocally, I had a sharp mouth and a sharp brain. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Smarter than most of my peers and as a matter of fact people question my age when they see me and when I speak cos it isn’t paralleled. I grew up in mushin and I am from a family of 7. Mom and dad exclusive. I guess My love for literature and arts have always been there but it became more obvious even to me when I did a poetic presentation that awed everyone in literature class in my Ss1. So I became more self aware and conscious of these repeated interest in literature and art.
PRECIOUS: What schools did you go to?
PRAISE: I attended premier Day nursery and primary school and Lagos Anglican Girls Grammar school Surulere.

PRECIOUS: You studied philosophy in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife. How did media presentation come in?
PRAISE: Okay, I knew I had a knack for speaking English, news casting and all but I wanted to study law. I had a strong passion for law, but at the time, I only wanted to go to OAU and it was only law. But NUC de listed law that year so I had to fill on for philosophy. With the hope of crossing back to law. I eventually had my law admission into Unilag when I was in 400l 2nd semester in OAU. But funding became an ish and I had to choose between both projects, NYSC and a fresh start. So I chose to finish school, NYSC and in future attempt again. So it was at NYSC orientation camp (OBS to be precise) that media/presentation found me. I served with EBBC (Ebonyi state broadcasting corporation).
PRECIOUS: Just how nervous were you on your first air day?
PRAISE: Honestly! Extremely nervous. I had butterflies in my tummy. I was so scared of making mistakes.
PRECIOUS: What particular skill do you think stands you out as an OAP?
PRAISE: We (all OAPs) basically need 1. The voice. And 2. Knowledge to do and deliver our jobs… However we may stand out in different fields of interest depending on how well we are keen on some to others. So for me it would be analytical skills and opinions.
PRECIOUS: You currently work at city FM, what shows do you run?
PRAISE: For now, I am on the city cafe and chill city. City cafe runs Monday to Friday 11 to 2pm and chill city is Saturday 12 to 3 pm

PRECIOUS: How was life in Mushin?
PRAISE: Hmmn! It was fun, unsafe but we were protected. I have to give it to my parents. They did a very good job in raising us well in that Kind of environment.
PRECIOUS: I must say, they did a very good job. Did your sharp mouth always get you in trouble?
PRAISE: Fortunately, It didn’t. My mum tamed it at a very very tender age. She didn’t give room for it, She didn’t spare the rod one bit. Ordinarily, it would have if not taming
PRECIOUS: You seem to have added some weight.
PRAISE: ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„Yea! Of course with growth comes a lot of changes and this very small fleshy change is a welcomed one
PRECIOUS: Was it tough? We’re you often insulted for being skinny?
PRAISE: Of course. It comes with the body size.
PRECIOUS: If you had studied law, is there a chance you might not have ended up as an OAP?
PRAISE: Honestly, I don’t know. I believe that God has a way of taking us through times and season. I haven’t given up on my law dream though. I will still study it but most likely out of the country

PRECIOUS: What’s an average day like for you in the studio?
PRAISE: ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”Hmmn! Okay! So there is a pre-show preparation. After which the show proper. The studio time or actual show is based on how much preparation was prior to. So if your prep is adequate you are 60 percent ready for a good show but whilst in the studio, it demands all of your attention, spontaneity, and pro activeness.
PRECIOUS: When did you sign for City FM?
PRAISE: City FM came when I least expected it and had given up hope. I put in for the female OAP search last year. I got called in for the live auditions this year. I was one of the selected 3 winners and the rest is history
PRECIOUS: Where did you get the name Softlander?
PRAISE: Hmmn! ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ that is a mystery I don’t want to unravel yet
PRECIOUS: Who’s your favorite OAP of course apart from yourself
PRAISE: Oh! I admire, Ik Osakioduwa, Aman pour, Mazino, Dan foster, Toolz, and the late Tosin Bucknor greatly.

PRECIOUS: What legacies are you looking to create in your line of work?
PRAISE: To leave my footprints/name in the sands of media in Nigeria because I have been treated very badly and not really given a chance, I want to give anyone who crosses my path, who is willing, trainable, passionate and hardworking a chance. I want to be remembered for setting the pace, changing the game, standing for the truth, fairness, balance, Justice and equity. (The lawyer in me speaking) lol!
PRECIOUS: On a final note do you have any message for us?
PRAISE: Stay True to yourself in all your dealings. Everyone is going through a hidden trial, Be nice. And if you cannot help someone, do not contribute to their sorrows. Do not be the reason why someone will lose faith/hope in themselves, humanity and God!
PRECIOUS: Thank you very much, we hope you achieve every of your heart desires very soon. We hope to have you again. Peace โœŒ



No matter where you are, what you see everyday or the influence around you, be the change you want to see. Live for greatness! Ire oo ๐Ÿฅ‚

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