If you have a dream, water it, nothing good comes easy – Efezino Akpo

16 Dec

Hello Presh Nation,

I’ve found love at last, I’ve found that lasts. These are the words of our guest for today, Artiste, songwriter Efezino Akpo. The Amere crooner grew up in warri, Delta state where pidgin language is at it’s best. Little wonder the fast rising star featured some strong pidgin at the end of that particular song. She has a lot to tell us about herself and her journey so far.



PRESH: Good day, my name is Precious Olawumi
EFEZINO: Hello Precious
PRESH: Can we meet you please
EFEZINO: My name is Efezino Akpo. I’m from Isoko in Delta State
PRESH: Hello Efezino, what do you do?
EFEZINO: I am a singer
PRESH: Tell us about yourself
EFEZINO: I am a foodie, I love watching movies and reading novels. I started singing in my church choir when I was 8 and performed at my first concert when I was 12. My elder brother would take me to events around Delta State. He introduced me to jazz music at an early age. Started with the likes of Yanni, Yolanda Adams, Yellow jackets. I am a christian and support feminism. I Won my first singing competition, “Who sings best” in Delta state when I was 17. Took part in the first season of Nigerian Idol and got to top 100. Tried again for the 3rd season and came 6th. Last year I took part in The Voice Nigeria season 2 and got to the live shows. I am currently signed to Soltracka Music Group (SMG). I have a Bsc in Human Anatomy from Delta State University. Although I have flare for the medical field but music is what I love most.

PRESH: Tell us about SMG and the management
EFEZINO: SMG is my family. They have groomed me and I am still learning a lot.

PRESH: Where did you grow up?
EFEZINO: I grew up in Warri, Delta State.

PRESH: What was growing up in Warri like?
EFEZINO: It was interesting. I remember the akara woman that made the best akara till date. Hehehe. I also remember when we would go riding in the streets with neighbours and my younger brother. There were scary times like the 1999 crises. But Warri is my home.
PRESH: You’ve been going from one talent show to the other, the most recent being The voice Nigeria. How have these shows helped your growth as an artist?

EFEZINO: I have improved tremendously as a singer. My voice has grown. I have had the chance to meet amazing people in the industry. I am happy and grateful to be where I am right now

PRESH: How’s your relationship like with Simisola Ogunleye?
EFEZINO: It’s great
PRESH: How did you meet her?
EFEZINO: I met her through Oscar, the producer
PRESH: Can you tell us a thing or 2 about Simi?
EFEZINO: Simi is a gem

PRESH: Your new single Amere has been putting your fans on our feet dancing to the melodious tunes while listening to the beautiful lyrics. Is there a chance you wrote it with someone special in mind?
EFEZINO: Not really

PRESH: You have a Bsc in human anatomy, when did you decide you weren’t going to follow that line?
EFEZINO: I already knew before I graduated. I always knew music was what I wanted to do from the onset. Medicals was something I was good at but wasn’t my passion.

PRESH: How was your experience at the voice Nigeria, from the auditions to the live shows
EFEZINO: It was great. I had fun and made new friends. I also learnt a lot about my voice and took vocal lessons from Waje.

PRESH: Apart from singing, do you also write?
EFEZINO: Yes, I write my music.
PRESH: What are the things you do for fun
EFEZINO: I love watching movies. Sometimes read.

PRESH: Who do you look up to as a role model in the industry
EFEZINO: My role models are Asa, Sia, Simi, Beyonce, Johnny Drille
PRESH: Can you tell us a little about the challenges you’ve encountered as a growing artist?
EFEZINO: There were times I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Went from one competition to the other and was told no. It broke me but I kept going. Went far on Nigerian Idol and got promises to be signed but it didn’t work out. Like they say “nothing good comes easy”

PRESH: Are we to expect anything soon from you?
EFEZINO: Expect more beautiful music to come. I am warming up

PRESH: A little motivation for new acts in the industry
EFEZINO: If you have a dream, water it. Don’t give up. Be mindful of who you let in and have faith.
PRESH: You can offer a little gratitude to those that have supported you thus far
EFEZINO: I want to say thank you to everyone that have been supporting me. The kind words of encouragement do a lot. God bless you
PRESH: Final message for your friends, family and fans at large
EFEZINO: To all my friends, get ready to repost my songs . Ama be all up in your space. To my fans, thank you. To my family, I love you. Thank you
PRESH: Thank you so much for your time we do appreciate and hope to hold a sequel soon.
EFEZINO: Thank you too
PRESH: Peace ✌



No matter what, life finds it’s way. You might not see it now, it might look like it’s not going to happen, do not give up. There are definitely better days ahead. It’s a new week, a new beginning, one day or day one, you decide. Ire oo 🥂

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