“It’s our strength that should scare us, not our fears” – Lynda Dozie

09 Dec

Welcome back Presh Nation,

Missed me haven’t you? Well I’m back now with a bang. I’m here with Lynda Dozie, an Actress and Realtor. The Lonely heart lead character has some things to tell us pertaining her road to the top. We spoke at length here.

Symply Presh: Good day my name is Precious Olawumi
Lynda Dozie: I am Lynda Dozie
Symply Presh: Hi Lynda, what do you do?
Lynda Dozie: I am an actress
Symply Presh: Tell us about your childhood
Lynda Dozie: I had a good childhood, I am the first and a year older than my younger sister,who is my friend. We are 6 in number and have 4 girls. My mum ,I and my sister have the best Gisting group ever I enjoyed writing stories ,forcing my siblings and friends to play the characters and rearranging my room into movie set locations.
Symply Presh: Sounds interesting. It means acting has always been in the picture.
Lynda Dozie: Yes it has
Symply Presh: What excites you most about acting
Lynda Dozie: Interpreting different characters is fun, it helps you improve and become better
Symply Presh: Tell us about your first role
Lynda Dozie: In a movie Yesterday, I played a young university lady, who lost her brother and eventually her life, thanks to ethnic/relationship vengeance
Symply Presh: How was the experience?. Being in front of the camera professionally for the first time.
Lynda Dozie: I was excited, I wished I could see myself for the first time on TV. So I was happy and I always anticipated a time, when people will call me and say, I saw you on TV, then I will look fabulous on red carpet and smile and Wave. Guess I watched plenty TV.
Symply Presh: 😁 Did you have anybody you looked up to being like?
Lynda Dozie: Genevieve Nnaji yes

Symply Presh: One would imagine it could be the ageless beauty but why her?
Lynda Dozie: Yes ,her confidence in herself is highly infectious
Symply Presh: You graduated from Enugu State University of science and technology?
Lynda Dozie: Yes I did
Symply Presh: And you went on to start your Masters degree in the same school?
Lynda Dozie: No, I never saw my masters through stopped to focus. Just did a management course to support my real estate love

Symply Presh: Sure there’d have been reactions from family and friends, how did you handle the pressure?
Lynda Dozie: You only live once, so I would never allow my regret be that ,I didn’t live my life, as regards family, my mum was excited seeing my show on TV, she called all her friends, my dad is always giving the business advice, my siblings and friends are the first real fans on every post
Symply Presh: How was life in ESUT?
Lynda Dozie: Esut was cool, stressful abit but good friends and my gotv/telemundo made it worth the while

Symply Presh: You mentioned your love for real estate, are you fully into that now?
Lynda Dozie: Yes I am a partner at PLthomes
Symply Presh: We all have things we want to be remembered by, what’s that for you?
Lynda Dozie: I have had a few friends, who have called me to say thank you, for encouraging their career path, business or life, I would love to be remembered by being a source of upliftment to people
Symply Presh: You recently starred as Jane Haliday in the movie Lonely heart, tell us about the movie.
Lynda Dozie: Lonely heart is a movie on HIV, Jane halliday which was the character i played was a naive girl, whose university excitement turned vengeance, From the feeling of betrayal.

Symply Presh: What do you do for fun off set and off work?
Lynda Dozie: See a movie, go dancing or travelling
Symply Presh: Celebrities like you are also human, so what’s your relationship status?
Lynda Dozie: I am single
Symply Presh: Hmm so any celebrity crush?
Lynda Dozie: No
Symply Presh: Are you currently working on any projects?
Lynda Dozie: No
Symply Presh: Is there anything big we would expect from Lynda Dozie soon?
Lynda Dozie: Yes , I am at the best stage in my acting career, with good role models to look up to, so I am here to interpret good stories like Lonely heart and start great feature in Hollywood films .
Symply Presh: That’s great, a word or two for your fans?
Lynda Dozie: To my fans, friends and family, all I can say is thank you and remember it’s our strength that should scare us, not our fears
Symply Presh: Thank you very much for your time we do hope to see you again soon
Lynda Dozie: Yup
Symply Presh: Peace ✌

Never limit yourself to what you have or what you know. You can start little, start late, the most important thing is that you start. The new week is here make it count. Ire oo 🥂

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