Be Daring, Be Fierce, Be Different, Be Just – Aderibigbe Opeyemi 

24 Jun

I’m here for the week with a young, intelligent fashion designer. Her uniqueness stands her out and she’s the CEO of Hopsim fashion and confectionery place. Here’s an highlight of what we discussed

PRESH: Good day ma’am


PRESH: Let’s meet you please

ADERIBIGBE OPEYEMI: My name is Aderibigbe Opeyemi Deborah

PRESH: What do you do?

ADERIBIGBE OPEYEMI: I am into Fashion Designing

PRESH: How did you start?

ADERIBIGBE OPEYEMI: It all started after the completion of my pre degree program. I personally had interest in learning Fashion Designing but was made manifest through the support of my lovely parent, Siblings all along with my wonderful, interesting and Lovely boss Mrs Akanmu Opeyemi. She was the one that finally made the whole thing a reality through the help of the Almighty God.


PRESH: Tell us about the learning process

ADERIBIGBE OPEYEMI: If I should come in with the mindset I had about Fashion Designing when I was about to start, I will boldly say it is ABSOLUTELY NOT A PIECE OF CAKE, the week I started brought discomfort to my soul and what actually kept me going was the THIRST for it. It requires a functioning brain to meet up with different desires of different clients. I fell sick many times but as I have said earlier my thirst for the work standstill which later made the whole journey of learning a very interesting one to me.

PRESH: Seems like you have an interesting story to share. Did you ever feel like giving up on the dream?

ADERIBIGBE OPEYEMI: I must be sincere here because I will like to change many mindset whose belief is that fashion is something you quickly learn just to have your own way of making income. Seriously speaking, IT IS NOT. I felt like giving up several times. The funniest part is that,i always feel like giving up at all stage, even after many years of learning due to some certain reasons, and I believe to those who are actually into this can also testify.

PRESH: Can you tell us about an instance, why you wanted to give up and what kept you going

ADERIBIGBE OPEYEMI: Smiles, the first time I felt like giving up was from the start when I actually got to realize what the work really entails but I said to myself “One who will eat from the mountain honey, will not look into the mouth of the Axe” It also got to a point I was about giving up when I realized it is fashion here, fashion there, which brings in a lot of disadvantages like thinking there won’t be enough people to patronize and most especially the cost. I fought this by setting my STANDARD,and I decided to always “give the bests of recent ” which brings a total breakthrough up to this stage sir.

PRESH: When you set your standard, did it shoot up the prices of your services?

ADERIBIGBE OPEYEMI: Yes,it did. If you want the best, you must be ready to pay for it.  And with the standard came two apprentices. You know it is until one know what he/she is entitled to,that when one can claim or enjoy the right.


PRESH: Tell us about the creativity in your job.

ADERIBIGBE OPEYEMI: The creativity in fashion designing is wide and limitless, cannot be specified,it depends on individual limit because it is expandable. When I see the work and creativity of some fashion designers that had made it big, I am always inspired and I also believe the SKY IS MY LIMIT. I won’t forget my loved ones who have been a source of inspiration to me with various advice and financial support.

PRESH: What inspires you?

ADERIBIGBE OPEYEMI: The fact that I have loved ones who are proud of me and what I do inspires me a lot.

PRESH: If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your career what would it be?

ADERIBIGBE OPEYEMI: Actually I Would have love to meet earlier the wonderful people in my life now, people like my lovely wife (Mrs Aanuoluwapo Aderibigbe) Mr & Mrs Ajibo and my confidant, lovely spouse who does everything to make me balance all and become a better lady (Engr Ogunniran Abimbola) which I believe would have prompt me to start earlier than this.

PRESH: What else do you do?

ADERIBIGBE OPEYEMI: Confectiioneries

PRESH: What role do you think social media plays in fashion today

ADERIBIGBE OPEYEMI: The social media is playing a vital role in fashion of today. Anyone planning to make it big must always check what is in vogue from time to time so as not loose touch in this evolving generation. Social media is something very crucial for a successor of Fashion.

PRESH: What was your biggest fear when you started?

ADERIBIGBE OPEYEMI: It was the fear of the unknown. When I started the shaping, cutting and sewing all alone without guide, It took me alot of months to gain my confidence.


PRESH: Is there anything you’d have done differently?

ADERIBIGBE OPEYEMI: If there will be at all,then confectionery, I have not started it big yet ,just for the ones close to me. I think I need to support both

PRESH: What’s your favorite part about being a designer?

ADERIBIGBE OPEYEMI: If there will be at all, then Confectionery, I have not started it big yet, with time I will. I found pleasure in offering both.

ADERIBIGBE OPEYEMI: The pattern part of it. Cutting out different shapes

PRESH: Do you want to say anything else?

ADERIBIGBE OPEYEMI: To the interested ones out there “If you do things well, do them better. Be daring, be fierce, be different, be just.
PRESH: Can you give us your contact info

ADERIBIGBE OPEYEMI: Facebook: Aderibigbe Deborah Opeyemi

Instagram: hospimbae

Watap no: 07066849401

For calls: 07066849401


PRESH: Thank you so much for your time we do hope to see you again soon.

ADERIBIGBE OPEYEMI: Same here, thanks for the love, God will give your work a speedy increase.High five fam.
PRESH: Peace

No matter what, even when the times are tough, learn to meet every situation with high optimism ready to scale through. You can, you will. Ire oo🥂

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  1. Thanks for the intriguing openness which you answered the questions. I believe this going to give encouragement to those out there to stay focus in whatever profession they choose

  2. I also wanted to give up at first, but the day needle injured my hand and people were making jest of me, that was d day i decided i must not give up.

  3. This is wow… To our able Hopsim,sky is just the starting point…Job well-done to you sir Precious

  4. Was,this is interesting, Hopism is that kind of lady that want to know all,she has d spirit of enthusiasm, she’s industrious and hard working, let me add this that our very own CEO can make hair as well,the Sky is your starting point,you are going higher ijn,I’m super proud of u my childhood friend,she’s one of a kind,God bless your work dear,and to Presh Nation,really appreciate this interview with Hopism,the sky is not your limit,you’re going places.

  5. This is inspiring, well I’ve always known Hopsim as an industrious and hardworking person, so I’m less surprised…. The sky is your starting point

  6. Great, I see u moving higher and sky is your starting point. Hopsimbae God dey your back

  7. Wow, this is absolutely fabulously, I’m so pleased to have met a stand up lady like you, I’m sure that you would definitely make it to greater heights by God’s glory, kudos Mi’lady

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