Iyilade Joy, Leader Of The Pack  

17 Jun

Creativity is a key trait in human nature. You don’t have to do it as it usually is done. Be your own boss, there’s always going to be something Peculiar about you Learn it and perfect it. 🥂Here’s to a wonderful time with Iyilade Joy, the Creative Director of Sapheez Emporium. We had a lot to discuss, here are the highlights.

PRESH: Good day ma’am

IYILADE JOY: Good morning

PRESH: Can we meet you please?

IYILADE JOY: I am Iyilade Joy, Creative Director of Sapheez Emporium

PRESH: Sounds interesting. What do you do at Sapheez Emporium?

IYILADE JOY: Sapheez Emporium is a growing beauty and fashion brand which specializes majorly in makeup artistry for now . We render makeup and gele services to our esteemed clients  and also organize trainings for young individuals.

PRESH: How many trainings have you organized?

IYILADE JOY: Organized trainings for students and corpers at Sapheez Emporium’s studio based in Ibadan, Trained teenage girls during a church girl’s club with a remarkable attendance of over 200 girls , trained some individuals at Chardonnay unisex saloon Jericho mall , Posted several online training videos on makeup routines with positive feedbacks from followers and contacts; and  many more.

PRESH: How do you manage to stay up to date with latest development

IYILADE JOY: By attending seminars, trainings and workshops on the current developments in the beauty and fashion industry .

PRESH: So while dealing with a client what’s your policy. Do you bring your own products or do your clients bring theirs?

IYILADE JOY: Most times my clients trust the products I want to use on them but there are few times when clients give their  products to me to use  and that can happen due to the sensitivity of their skin or the preference they have when it comes to certain makeup products . But on an average I have like 1 out of 10 clients who bring their products.


PRESH: Do you have a team, or do you work alone?

IYILADE JOY: I have a hardworking team of 3.

PRESH: Can you run through your routine for us?

IYILADE JOY: • We open the  studio by 8am during weekdays and by 7am on saturdays

• Attend to waiting clients

• In the absence of none, I train my students on the topic of the day

• We Engage in marketing strategies, like checking up on our old clients and getting feedbacks from  new ones

• Check mails and WhatsApp messages for online bookings

• Supervise my students on their trials

• Close the studio by 5pm

PRESH: Just like every other 8-5 job and even more. So what fascinates you about this line of work?

IYILADE JOY: It’s simply my PASSION. It’s a career I’ve  picked since I was much younger. I love to make beautiful people look more beautiful

PRESH: Movies need Makeup artists have you been getting such jobs?

IYILADE JOY: Yes I have gotten some movie jobs and I am open to more .

PRESH: Can you tell us about the movie jobs you’ve done?

IYILADE JOY: Did some jobs for an African magic soap opera.

PRESH: Which one was it?

IYILADE JOY: Awon aladun de (African magic Yoruba )

PRESH: That’s quite impressive. Tell us about the experience.

IYILADE JOY: Well, it was interesting and challenging… especially when I did it for the first time. Most times we go on set for as long as 27 days where we apply make-up and oversee make-up continuity for the major hours of every single day.  It’s a job that requires you to be physically fit to cope with many hours of standing or bending over Actors.

PRESH: Using the same brush for different people can be quite a challenge but we don’t expect you to buy one brush for every client, so how do you manage to maintain proper hygiene all round.

IYILADE JOY: Maintaining a good hygiene when it comes to makeup is important because Makeup doesn’t just entail enhancing ones beauty; it also comprises understanding the fundamentals of  skin care. And in that light we keep our brushes neat by cleaning (a lot of brands have been able to produce brush cleaners ; that can be used to wash and also sterilize the brushes during and after each use) sometimes if I don’t have brush cleaners i do a quick DIY by using any antiseptic soap to wash the brushes with warm water …. after it’s been properly washed.. I spray a bit of mentholated spirit (the regular ones we have in our homes ) and then air dry the brushes.


PRESH: You mentioned that you’re based in Ibadan, where exactly?

IYILADE JOY: Yes I am …. Alakia ibadan ……. The  studio is located at Bodija ibadan

PRESH: Always ready to travel?

IYILADE JOY: Yes definitely

PRESH: What other things do you do?

IYILADE JOY: I do artworks too


PRESH: Who in the industry do you look up to?

IYILADE JOY: The beautiful and talented Lola Maja

PRESH: Why is that?

IYILADE JOY: I love every bit of her craft ….

PRESH: What products do you use most?

IYILADE JOY: For products my mostly used is eyebrow pencils, foundation and powder

PRESH: What brands?

IYILADE JOY: For brands my mostly used is zaron cosmetics and fbcbeauty (proudly supporting Nigerian brands 😁😊)

PRESH: That’s great. What do you want to tell the world?

IYILADE JOY: To everyone; Keep doing what you know how to do and do it well. (For young minds; if have a skill, develop it and make the best use of every opportunity). Above all put God first.

PRESH: Can we have your contact please?

IYILADE JOY: My call line 07016868509

WhatsApp 08164054266

Facebook @sapheezemporium

Online store ig handle @sapheezemporiumbeautystore

Business Ig handle @sapheezemporium

PRESH: Thank you so much for your time we hope to see you again soon.

IYILADE JOY: Thank you for the opportunity too. God bless you

PRESH: Peace ✌

You’ve heard it all, keep doing what you know how to do and do it well. Have a wonderful week. Ire oo.

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