Ishola Balqees – Foodie Caterer

10 Jun

PRESH: Good day ma’am


PRESH: Can we meet you?

ISHOLA BALQEES: My name is Ishola balqees opeyemi, I am a student of LAUTECH, Ogbomoso.

PRESH: What do you do?

ISHOLA BALQEES: I am a makeup artist and I am also into catering (cakes and small chops)

PRESH: What brought you into catering?

ISHOLA BALQEES: Right from being a child, I like to be in d kitchen, to lay my fingers on food and d likes

PRESH: So growing up you were a foodie


PRESH: Are you still a foodie

ISHOLA BALQEES: Of course yes I am

PRESH: Lol pardon my humour. What’s the most difficult part of catering

ISHOLA BALQEES: Hmmmmm… Well, to me I dnt c any part difficult. In as much as we put God 1st,everything becomes easy

PRESH: In catering some would say your neat packaging is everything can you explain why

ISHOLA BALQEES: Well, u knw in everything we do, it needs package, without it being packaged, It won’t be attractive, even if it tastes good.

PRESH: Do you do last minute work requests?

ISHOLA BALQEES: Yes I do provided u can pay the price

PRESH: How do you handle distant delivery?

ISHOLA BALQEES: Well, it depends on the distance….. If it s too far away, I prefer to do the delivery by myself to keep an eye on it. But if it is within a short distance, I can easily send it through a bus if I can’t travel down myself.

PRESH: Where do you base?

ISHOLA BALQEES: Osogbo to be precise. I am a student of LAUTECH so I stay in ogbomoso as well

PRESH: Where do you get most of your ingredients?

ISHOLA BALQEES: It depends on the location I find myself

PRESH: Between both your works which do you do more

ISHOLA BALQEES: I can’t say categorically, I do a lot of the two

PRESH: If you were to choose one for life which would you?

ISHOLA BALQEES: Hmm…….Well, I will like to pick the catering because food is life

PRESH: You’re such a foodie. Lol anyways thanks so much for your time, it was nice talking to you

ISHOLA BALQEES: Lol… Thanks. Same here

PRESH: Please drop your contact info, you never can say someone might need your services

ISHOLA BALQEES: Yes sure…. 08132522694

PRESH: Peace

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