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03 Jun

Hello Presh Nation,

Beautiful Sunday evening isn’t it? With the revolution happening in the Nigerian Entertainment sector, a pathway has been created for numerous young people to move in that light and become stars in the sector. Today we’re with one of the new lights in the Movie industry, His Name is Diji AderoGBA. He’s a very intelligent Movie Director and Author. It was an interesting time out with him. Here’s an Highlight of our conversation.

PRESH – Good day sir, Can we meet you?

DijiaderoGBA – Hello, my name is DijiaderoGBA popularly known as director D. I’m a young Nigerian film maker, script writer and a photographer. Errmmm also, an author. Lol

PRESH – What made you pursue film making?

DijiaderoGBA – I always wanted to be a film maker right from my childhood days. I didn’t know what film making was all about but I loved when I saw people who were making films around me in schools, environment and sometimes, stage acting. I would say my love for African cultures & stories made me pursue film making as a career because I love to tell these stories via films.

PRESH – When did you start film making?

DijiaderoGBA – I started film making professionally after I graduated from Tunde Kelani’s film school ( Mainframe film and media institute) and that was 2016.

PRESH – Growing up did you love movies

DijiaderoGBA – Yes, I was and still a film lover. I think growing up and watching many films was my main aspiration to be a film maker. Also, as a film maker, it’s very important to watch and study a lot of films.

PRESH – Which film maker has influenced you the most

DijiaderoGBA – Tunde Kelani And Kunle Afolayan influence me a lot

PRESH – Which of their classics would you remake if given the opportunity

DijiaderoGBA – “Thunder Bolt” by Tunde Kelani and “Irapada” by Kunle Afolayan…. I love these films because of their stories .

PRESH – Tell us about Tunde Kelani

DijiaderoGBA – Of course, He’s one of the pioneers in the industry right now and his works are his successes as a film maker in Nigeria. As a kid, I was one of his biggest fans and I loved his works and Nothing has changed in that aspect.

PRESH – Tell us about the movies you’ve written and directed

DijiaderoGBA – I have written and directed 4 short films and they were all influenced by everything happening around me and in the society…To Be A Child Again is my 2nd film and most successful amongst all the films I have made because of its theme and Message it’s conveying, Child education and Labour.

PRESH – What are the challenges you face in production?

DijiaderoGBA – Well, I won’t call them challenges but just a process of learning and getting better. Sometimes, as a director, you see things differently on set and have to change whatever you have planned and that might bring disruption on set but you also have to find a way to convince your cast and crew on set. It’s way interesting but yes, can be tasking. Also, trying to make everything perfect on set can be stressful but yes, it works fine at the end of the production.

PRESH – How did you come up with your movie, to be a child again?

DijiaderoGBA – It was inspired by a friend and also, some children I saw hawking on the road when their mates were in school. I got back from my outing and wrote the script.

PRESH – You recently directed some ads for Seyi law, how was the experience for you?

DijiaderoGBA – •Smiles• Working with Seyilaw and his team was amazing and unbelievable for me. I met him on twitter a few months ago after he saw some of my short films and I think he liked them so much and that made him reach out to me when he wanted to make those skits. Ofcourse, as a comedian and top actor, he made the production easy for me to direct and I thank God for the success of the skits.

PRESH – You just released hidden euphoria, a documentary that dived in and touched my soul. I must commend you and your team on that one.

DijiaderoGBA – Thank you brother… I’m glad you liked it… God bless bro

PRESH – With something as deep as that, you surely have a solution to proffer about the situation of things in Makoko

DijiaderoGBA – Yes ! I made the documentary to create awareness for the society and it’s people. My aim is to see NGOs, government and elite individuals to give back to the society in multiple folds…

PRESH – Tell us about life as an author

DijiaderoGBA – Life as an author is quite tasking and interesting because you always want to write and put stories out there but the process isn’t as easy as we imagine it to be. I wrote my first book “A New Dawn In Africa”, a story about African Slavery during my service year and I must say, the process drained me, Lol but I survived it. I plan to write another book soon and publish it when the time is right.

PRESH – Can you go a bit deeper on what “A New Dawn In Africa” is about?

DijiaderoGBA – Like I said, it’s book about African Slavery. It tells the story of all that possibly happened during that era via a character named “Dela”. Story has 3 levels, before slavery, during slavery and after slavery period. I won’t let the cat out finally lol. Book launch soon.

PRESH – Wonderful, we’ll be sure to broadcast once it’s launched so our readers can learn from Dela

DijiaderoGBA – Lol I look forward to that.

PRESH – Do you have anything to say to our readers who look forward to working in the film industry

DijiaderoGBA – Don’t stop! Keep telling your stories however you want to.

PRESH – Can we know your social media platforms for those who’d like to see your works

DijiaderoGBADijiaderoGBA on Twitter, IG and YouTube

PRESH – Thank you so much for your time, we really hope to see you on a much bigger stage soon. Peace.

When you get tired and the road looks rough, learn to rest not Quit. You’re a winner, Each passing day aim for one thing, to be better than you were yesterday. Don’t stop, Keep Pushing. Ire oo 🍻

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