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20 May

Hello Presh Nation,

Hope you had a lovely week. here with us today is sportlens360 very own Dammydudu. Here’s a little of the chat we had.

PRECIOUS: Hello good day sir


PRECIOUS: How are you doing?


PRECIOUS: Can we meet you sir?

DAMMYDUDU: My name is Alagbe Damilola, I’m from Oyo state, ogbomoso to be precise but I was born and bred in Lagos

PRECIOUS: What do you do?

DAMMYDUDU: I’m a Sports Journalist

PRECIOUS: What is the job of a sports journalist?

DAMMYDUDU: Sports journalism is very wide. Basically we have the print, which is the production of newspaper and magazines, We have the broadcast, which is the Radio and TV production, then we have the New Media, which is the Social Media, online broadcast of sports. The Job is to create a medium to spread happenings about one of the best things that has united us, which is Sports. Sports is a general language and Journalists are the medium to let it gain a wider audience.

PRECIOUS: You studied journalism in the University?

DAMMYDUDU: No. I studied Mechanical Engineering in the University, but went to couple of journalism training school

PRECIOUS: So how did you go from mechanical engineering to sports journalism?

DAMMYDUDU: Watching or liking football doesn’t mean you can write or talk about it in an analytical way. I loved Sports since my childhood, then I used to watch Serie A highlights on NTA. Anytime the highlights Shoe is on, there is this great feeling within me, I knew it had its purpose. My first experience in watching a football was Nigeria Final at the Nigeria/Ghana 2000, when we lost on penalty shootout. Ever since then, I just had to develop my interest by being up to date with newspapers and TV. I started writing in 2012, then I was writing preview and review of Grand Slam matches for one online medium sportsday.

PRECIOUS: Seems like you have a long history here. Apart from football, what other sports do you major in?

DAMMYDUDU: A very long history. Other sports are Tennis, Basketball and a bit of all other things

PRECIOUS: You’ve sort of built your base around the NPFL what brought about that thinking?

DAMMYDUDU: It didn’t start that way. I never liked local football until I joined Newfanzone crew on CityFM 105.1fm, where Sola Rogers gave me a shot to showcase myself on radio. The first talk I had with Sola Rogers, he told me to break into where there are less concentration. He isn’t saying it, for me to stay off competition, but to create a niche for myself easily. In my first few months covering the Nigeria professional football League, I got to talk with couple of players for a video interview, then everything is history, although I’m still upcoming

PRECIOUS: When was this?

DAMMYDUDU: I joined Newfanzone, January 2016

PRECIOUS: In your quest to leave the upcoming zone, what steps have you taken?

DAMMYDUDU: I created a brand name for myself (dammydudu) and I have been working hard to build that brand name, Thus I have my personal website (Sportlens360.com) where I write Sports new stories, I still talk sports on radio, I have my YouTube channel where I upload the interviews I have with players, to reach a wider audience.

PRECIOUS: How Do You Stay Informed on the News and Current Events?

DAMMYDUDU: For local contents, it takes a lot. I get club news from media officers of different football clubs, interviews on my own, then release too, but I have told myself that I won’t be involved with plagiarism in other to build a name for myself, so it’s better not to write about than to steal someones write up or news. However, for foreign news, Major news outlet like ESPN, BBC, Sky Sports are always helpful

PRECIOUS: How do you develop relationship with players to enhance your interviews with them.

DAMMYDUDU: The thing is, most players want you to talk about them, so the job is easy. Sometimes I just chat with some of them, and then I form a news story. I’m close to a good number of players, so things are always easy that way, but I’m always professional about my relationship with them.

PRECIOUS: Who are your favorite sports journalists? both locally and internationally

DAMMYDUDU: Favorite Journalist. For local news writing, I look up to people Ademetan Abayomi, Alonge Akinolu. Generally, I respect Biola Kazeem, Oma Akatugba, Sola Rogers, Godwin Enakhena as journalist. In the foreign scene, I like Jon Champion

PRECIOUS: Let’s say you get to meet Jon Champion now, what’s the one thing you’d love to ask?

DAMMYDUDU: How to stay consistent in the game

PRECIOUS: What do you think about the development in NPFL over time

DAMMYDUDU: NPFL is growing steadily. I know most people don’t watch NPFL games because of the home win syndrome but if you follow the league this season, things are now different. The referees are getting serious and not compromised. The negligence of welfare of players have been one of those problems rocking the League in past years, but things have now taken a new turn. Most teams now pay regularly, I can boldly name over 10clubs that are not owing their players this season, it’s a development. Rome wasn’t built in a day, it takes a lot of time and I believe we can get there if everyone is doing his job perfectly.

PRECIOUS: We surely hope so too. Now away from football, tell us about other sports in Nigeria Basketball and Tennis in particular

DAMMYDUDU: Other sports don’t really have much followers like football does and this has affected the other part of sports in Nigeria. Right now, there are lots of controversies rocking the leadership of the basketball federation and I don’t really deal with controversies. As for tennis, we just finished the GSL Open earlier this month and it was won by a 21-year old Brazilian

PRECIOUS: In Tennis, Mary Love Edwards is one girl really looking like she has a lot of potential in her, with many already calling her the Nigerian Serena, Don’t you think the hypes can affect her negatively as we have seen in times past.

DAMMYDUDU: Honesty, I have not seen her play, but I have colleagues that have seen her overtime. PR (Public Relations) plays a huge role in Sports, if not a bigger role than any other thing. For me, I feel, comparing Mary-Love to Serena At this age could be a boost for her confidence. In all of the things I have read about her, she can be great

PRECIOUS: I started playing tennis too over a year ago, who would you recommend as a worthy role model?

DAMMYDUDU: You need a perfect role model? Don’t look further, Roger Federer is the man. If you watch his videos, you will love tennis than other sports

PRECIOUS: I saw that coming. Tell us about your love for Roger.

DAMMYDUDU: I told you earlier that I started writing tennis in 2012, couple of years before then I knew nothing about tennis. It just came naturally, I saw Roger Federer playing in Roland Garros in 2009 then I was mesmerized by his masterclass performance, it was love at first sight. I just had to learn what the sports is all about, just because I wanted to follow up Roger Federer. I read couple of articles about tennis rules and all stuff. It’s been like that, ever since.

PRECIOUS: We hope he recognizes you soon.

DAMMYDUDU: Hopefully he does

PRECIOUS: Back to football, The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia is just a few days away. How far do you tip the super eagles to go?

DAMMYDUDU: We have a pretty good chance of making it out of the group stages, but then it is what it is, we could go all the way. I see us making the Quarterfinals at least.

PRECIOUS: The goalkeeper selection has been a problem of recent, following the retirement of Vincent Enyeama and the terminal illness that has sent Carl Ikeme to the by lines. Who do you think will be standing between the sticks for us in Russia?

DAMMYDUDU: Rohr has got maximum confidence in Ikechwukwu Ezenwa and I think as much as some people don’t want him, he is likely to be between the sticks for Nigeria at the World Cup, but I prefer Dele Ajiboye.

PRECIOUS: You probably have a word or two for our readers

DAMMYDUDU: Stay true to your dreams, it comes with a whole lot of sacrifices but it is going to be worth it at the end. Just keep at it

PRECIOUS: Can you leave your contact info and social media platforms for those who’d like to check on you

DAMMYDUDU: Phone Number: 08060312625 ; Email: Dam4great@yahoo.com ; Facebook: Alagbe Damilola Dammydudu ;Twitter: @dammydudu

PRECIOUS: Thank you so much for your time we hope to see you again soon

DAMMYDUDU: You are welcome


Why specialize when you can diversify?Dont limit yourself to the little you have, go for more. Live your dreams. Have a lovely new week. Ire oo ­čŹ╗

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