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06 May

Dear Presh Nation,
I seriously didn’t expect to publish today but the strength and resilience kept coming through to work against the logistics. Based on 1 or 2 it’s late but by God’s grace it’s here. Enjoy my interview with stormstrings, the man with the magical fingers. He’s not in the Music Industry but in the Music ministry.

PRECIOUS: Hello can we meet you sir?
OYEWALE TEMITOPE: My name is Oyewale Stephen Temitope Aka Stormstrings. I’m from Oyo State, Ibadan. I Reside in Abuja and Ibadan. A student of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU)
PRECIOUS: What do you do sir?
OYEWALE TEMITOPE: I am a Student and also a Musician
PRECIOUS: What kind of music do you play
OYEWALE TEMITOPE: Am a gospel musician. I do contemporary music but my best is Soul blues
PRECIOUS: Tell us about soul blues
OYEWALE TEMITOPE: Soul and blues are two different genres of music but the both coming together will be a fusion of two colors of sounds (figuratively speaking) They both share the characteristic of sounding calm and smooth. A popular soul musician would be Asa. And a popular Blues musician will be Jimi Hendrix. We have many other musicians who do these genres but just to mention a few. In conclusion, Soul blues is a calm kind of music with deep lyrics which sometimes calls for Meditation and could also be Danceable to.

PRECIOUS: So would you say that you created soul blues or has it been in existence?
OYEWALE TEMITOPE: Well, there is nothing new under the sun I’ll say. So I can’t say I created or discovered it but all I can say is I play and love it
PRECIOUS: How did you discover how interesting it was?
OYEWALE TEMITOPE: I listened and still listen to Instrument players and singers who do these styles individually. Combo of the two is juicy And I met a couple of friends who play one instrument or the other like myself and while playing someone could be like ‘why don’t we try this’. And so we kept trying. It’s like mixing different colors you can’t tell which will turn out out perfect and great. That’s the case of SoulBlues.
PRECIOUS: From your name we can tell that you probably play a guitar is that assumption true?
OYEWALE TEMITOPE: Yes it is. I play a guitar

PRECIOUS: How did your interest in music start?
OYEWALE TEMITOPE: I’ve loved music since I was 7 to 8 years old while in primary school… I used to be a rapper before I gave my life to Christ in 2008. My mum always bought Sunny Ade And Shina Peter’s disks home and I would cram it all lyrics by lyrics, and so my love for music started
PRECIOUS: You hosted a concert a while back, how was it?
OYEWALE TEMITOPE: Yes! That was All Nations Worship and the theme Was The liberating God, Col 1:12 It was a great one. The power of God was felt massively and all the glory was his and is still his. Though in the logistics some things weren’t perfect or close to ranging from the fact that it was the first of its kind. But we trust God that the subsequent years to come will be even more Glorious.
PRECIOUS: Should we be expecting another all nations worship soon?
OYEWALE TEMITOPE: The world should definitely be expecting another edition soon. I’ll like to use this opportunity to also say that the next one is coming up in September on the 8th 2018 in Osun state ile-Ife

PRECIOUS: You recently received an award?

PRECIOUS: What was that for?
OYEWALE TEMITOPE: The Award was given by Project Revolution African Movement Group As the winner of a Music competition that took place 4th of May
PRECIOUS: Our esteemed congratulations
OYEWALE TEMITOPE: Thanks so much
PRECIOUS: People have the notion that only circular musicians make it in the industry. What do you think about that?
OYEWALE TEMITOPE: First and foremost I know that to make it in life, you should have a Drive. So I don’t judge those who do circular music though it’s not my style. But my focus and drive is that the gospel of Christ be preached and taught to the world. So, “making it” (finance) which is the world’s description of success is not what I as a Music Minister is after, rather _making it_ to me is when my music can edify my listener by speaking life into their dead situations, now that is “making it” For me. And I personally am not in the Music Industry but Music Ministry. So if my music can minister Christ to the world, I am making it

PRECIOUS: That’s quite reasonable can we have your contact sir?
Facebook: Temitope strings Oyewale
Instagram : iamstormstrings
Personal phone number :08132012443
PRECIOUS: Thank you so much for your time, We hope to see you again soon
OYEWALE TEMITOPE: You’re most welcome Presh, same here.


Start your week on a high and be contented with what you have, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Ire oo 🍻

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  1. I love this!!To my most talented brother 😊..God is taking you to greater heights in Jesus name.

  2. Musnt forget this..”I AM PROUD OF YOU”
    And we are anticipating ALL NATIONS WORSHIP season 2💃💃

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