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04 May

Saturdays are for Owambes. As Nigerians owambe is one thing we admire so much. No matter the state of the economy, Nigerians will always have a reason to throw a party. Owambe is just the Nigerian name for parties like weddings,Aged burials,birthdays, get togethers, or even as little as naming ceremonies might seem e.t.c our focus here is on both the ladies and gentlemen because we all want to slay at the owambe parties of our friends and family

There are some thing you should take note of. Things you should do and things you should avoid.

Overdressing: It is good to dress well but when you start to dress to the extent that other guests start to mistake you for the celebrant, the bride or the groom. Do not dress too extravagantly to the event, do not go and steal their show in an attempt to slay for your friends to show off whatever standard you might have attained. Dress moderately,look good and smell nice.

Head gears: Gone are those days where only parents wear cap and tie gele to an event. In this modern day a lot of youths too look good when attending events by tieing gele or wearing a cap to complement our dress. There are people who train professionally on the making of gele, these are people you can employ to make you look good. You can also go online and watch different steps on how to tie different styles of gele.

Makeup: This applies to the both sex, there are simple ways to make up for guys. You can apply a little bit of powder on your face to light up your look, shave your beards and your hair cut should be good and properly styled. You can also shape your eyebrows. For the ladies you should know by now not to go a party without makeup. Note A simple Makeup can do the job without necessarily having to apply a heavy makeup,better still you could just invite professional makeup artist do it for you so u can look shaproper for the owambe or you could just learn online to Make yourself up and you are ready for the party.

Shoes: No matter what you are putting on for the party, to look stunning and classy, you can wear heels for the ladies and for the guys you can wear a pair of shoes or sandals for the native attire and English wear a sneakers that the fits the attire and for corporate attires like Suit, you can wear A pair of shoes with laces, note that you should make sure to match the color of your belt with your shoes. For the ladies you can keep a pair of slippers close by so when you get tired you could just change but ensure you appears with heels .

Slaying to an owambe also does not only involve looking good all other factors must fall in place. One of these factors is smelling nice and a good perfume would do the job. Do not forget to have with you a handkerchief, a pair of sunshades would also be nice. Add some charisma and you’ll be just perfect for the event. Now after all these Don’t Forget to smile.

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