“Look Beyond The Stress And Go For The Fun” – Adeyemo Damilola

22 Apr

Hello Presh Nation,

Welcome to our Sunday exclusive interview. We’re here today with the CEO of a unique brand, named TDC, Adeyemo Damilola. She heads a brand that involves in the production of fashion accessories majorly beads. Here’s some of what we discussed.

PRECIOUS: Hello, What’s your name?

ADEYEMO DAMILOLA: My name is ADEYEMO Damilola Deborah

PRECIOUS: What are you involved in

ADEYEMO DAMILOLA: I am into all kinds of bead making, wire works and jewelry accessories (Unisex), fashion accessories (bow ties, fashion bows, lapels and brioche) , Twine bags and purse, production of home antiseptics

PRECIOUS: Why did you pick this line of entrepreneurship?

ADEYEMO DAMILOLA: Passion. Passion picked the line of entrepreneurship. Without Passion in any handwork , that handiwork is going down sooner or later. Secondly, I love hand made products especially accessories and jewelry because I believe in quality trademark. Choosing this line of entrepreneurship has taught me what discipline and commitment truly means.

PRECIOUS: When did you start?

ADEYEMO DAMILOLA: I started mainly around mid 2015

PRECIOUS: And how well do you think you’ve improved?

ADEYEMO DAMILOLA: Definitely, i would say i have improved. Though, there are many expectations but I can boldly say I am not where I used to be 3 years ago. I remember the times of having to discipline myself to bead Everyday for at least 3hours as a student or is it to work on a particular design over night, only to discover you have done pure and applied nonsense and you have to start again all because of the integrity and neatness of your work – principle of Quality Packaging. I remember the times of having to mix chemicals because you want something different from the usual, you want a brand for yourself and you put all your savings into it and your practical was a wash. Even after putting your book beside you as a guideline for the practice. Oh really, i could go on and on but above all, I have improved greatly

PRECIOUS: Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

ADEYEMO DAMILOLA: In the next few years, I see TDC as an household name and not just a business. I see myself shaking the four walls of the Jewelry industry. I see myself controlling an empire where you get to buy anything that is in line with fashion, I mean a place you can enter looking simple and you come out looking elegant. A place where you can get dressed for any occasion and all products will be from TDC. I see myself operating the Foundation section of TDC where the less privilege get Scholarship to learn any trade they desire to learn. I see myself shaking the business world with God as my stronghold

PRECIOUS: So TDC is your brand name?

ADEYEMO DAMILOLA: Yes, It is TomzydamzyCrafts but it is liable to changes as the business expands

PRECIOUS: Tomzydamzy is coined from?

ADEYEMO DAMILOLA: It was coined from my name Oluwatomisin and Oluwadamilola. It was given to me by my classmates in my secondary school at Tadey International School

PRECIOUS: Tell me about your Educational background

ADEYEMO DAMILOLA: I had my primary Education at El-shaddai Nursery and Primary School, Silver Estate, Ejigbo, Lagos and my secondary school education at Tadey International School, Yanju Oyegbami Close, Pipeline, Lagos. Presently, I am a student of Ladoke Akintola University Of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State.

PRECIOUS: Can we have an overview of your work experience?

ADEYEMO DAMILOLA: It has been really challenging and productive. Combining Business with studies is not easy but really it is fun. I remember my mum not acting the plan and telling me to face my studies and the likes but when she saw my commitment and passion in the little work i was getting, She personally encouraged me. Yes, my mum is my biggest fan, She has helped me learn how to combine Studies with business. There are times I have to work over night so as to deliver on time and also I have assignment and books to read but I have been able to scale through with God helping me. When it comes to customers, There are different ones, day in day out but I have come to understand my customers and also expand my client base. Trainings and seminars have also been helpful in my work experience. I attend them a lot, where I get to learn from professionals and also ask questions from those on the same business line as mine. Really, it has not been easy but it has been adventurous

PRECIOUS: Do you have people you work with?

ADEYEMO DAMILOLA: Yes, I have bosses and I also have apprentices

PRECIOUS: How do you think bead making can impact the country’s economy?

ADEYEMO DAMILOLA: Bead making can help impact and improve the economy of the country in lots of ways. As we know, the material used for bead are natural resources which has been refined to different type of crystals, pearls etc for the use of ornament making and we know our country is so blessed with natural resources but it is a pity we don’t maximize our resources, we prefer exporting the raw materials to import the by-product which is really affecting the economy of the country. Also in terms of employment, bead making can create Job opportunities for youths and working class thereby encouraging entrepreneurship in the country.

PRECIOUS: What do you think are the most important qualities for someone to excel in this job?

ADEYEMO DAMILOLA: First, you need passion. Passion is that one thing that wakes you up in the middle of the night and keeps you beading. Passion is that thing that keeps you going even when you’re a second close to giving up. Secondly, commitment and integrity,these two attributes work hand in hand, You have to be committed to your clients 24/7 and also integrity you have to give the best of the best. I made a commitment and promise to myself never to use inferior bead materials for my clients even when the pay is small, its either I take the job using original bead materials or I politely reject it. Furthermore, more Trainings and more seminars and also Packaging.

PRECIOUS: What are the biggest challenges of this job?

ADEYEMO DAMILOLA: My biggest challenge in this job when I started is that people love good stuff but they don’t want to pay

PRECIOUS: How is your pay like?

ADEYEMO DAMILOLA: My pay is friendly and affordable for all

PRECIOUS: Who are the people you look up to in this art?

ADEYEMO DAMILOLA: I look up to my very own Boss, Temma Beads and concept. MMG concept, Chibest_beads, Beadsbyslimshardy, Gliterssquare, Dvalsbeautystudio, Travinbeads, Penibeadcrafts

PRECIOUS: Some of our readers might want to join the art of bead making. Do you have anything to say to them?

ADEYEMO DAMILOLA: Yes, firstly, i would say congratulations. To all the new jewelers, I would say beading is fun and interesting but at the same time it can be stressful and tiring but i want you to look beyond the stress and go for the fun. Make the best out of beading. Beading is all about being creative. You need passion and commitment… Go for beading, Go for Creativity

PRECIOUS: Can we have your contact for some of them who would want to hire your services

ADEYEMO DAMILOLA: We are just a call away : 08131152254, You can also DM us on Instagram or Twitter : @tomzydamzyCrafts, FB @ Adeyemo Ayomide Damilola or Email us @ tomzydamzy@gmail.com

PRECIOUS: Thank you so much for your time. We hope that very soon we’ll have cause to see you again in a bigger brand.

ADEYEMO DAMILOLA: Amen. A big thank you to SymplyPresh.wordpress.com for this opportunity, I am most grateful. More wins to SymplyPresh.


Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts. It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation. Enlarge your coasts get out of your comfort zone and go get that goal. Till we come your way again, Peace. Ire oo 🍻

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