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15 Apr

Hello Presh Nation,

Lovely Sunday afternoon isn’t it? We’re back in the hairstyling mood and we’re here this time around with, the CEO of Feranliz Styles, Alagbe Elizabeth Oluwaferanmi. It’s a very brief one this time around but i hope we have one or two to learn.



PRECIOUS: Can we meet you ma’am?

ALAGBE ELIZABETH: Alagbe Elizabeth Oluwaferanmi. A student and also a hairstylist. Working on professionalism

PRECIOUS: As an hairstylist how do you see yourself as an influencer?

ALAGBE ELIZABETH: I am a lover of teenage girls, I think a way I can impact the economy is to help this girls in gathering some skills in hair styling. Let’s see it this way, if there is a young girl out there and she is given a hand on hair styling for free and of course that is if the passion is there, she can go places with that skill. I joined an NGO not too long ago and this NGO happens to be helping the deaf in acquiring skill. By so doing these people add to the workforce of the country and depend less on white collar jobs, thereby improving the country’s economy.

PRECIOUS: What’s the name of the NGO?

ALAGBE ELIZABETH: The next generation

PRECIOUS: So basically what do they do?

ALAGBE ELIZABETH: Help the deaf in acquiring creative skills


PRECIOUS: Only the deaf?


PRECIOUS: Back to you , How did you acquire this skill and why did you?

ALAGBE ELIZABETH: My skill is natural, But it was realized

PRECIOUS: You did not learn from anyone?

ALAGBE ELIZABETH: Yes, I watched and picked. I started as a stylist although I was not paid, I didn’t start as an apprentice

PRECIOUS: So when did you discover that you could be a stylist

ALAGBE ELIZABETH: Its been a while I guess In my secondary school

PRECIOUS: What are your charges like?

ALAGBE ELIZABETH: Childish let me say

PRECIOUS: Can you give a breakdown of what you charge?

ALAGBE ELIZABETH: For now, as a student, I charge based on my environment

Braid: minimum is #1000

Maximum is #2000

Weaving: #300-#700

Ghana weaving: #1500-2500


Crochet: #500

These price are not fixed

PRECIOUS: What motivates you while working for TNG?

ALAGBE ELIZABETH: The passion those girls have and My love for impacting lives and helping the helpless

PRECIOUS: As an entrepreneur what role if any did your parents have on you?

ALAGBE ELIZABETH: Motivation and prayers, they have been so supportive

PRECIOUS: What roles have you played on them

ALAGBE ELIZABETH: Financial role, there are some things I do without necessarily disturbing them anymore.

PRECIOUS: How do you attract your customers?

ALAGBE ELIZABETH: My price and the way I style

PRECIOUS: Can we have your contact?

ALAGBE ELIZABETH: sure , 07080506010 IG @feranliz_styles

PRECIOUS: Do you Have a word for our readers?

ALAGBE ELIZABETH: Stay true to yourself

PRECIOUS: Thank you so much for your time

ALAGBE ELIZABETH: You’re welcome

PRECIOUS: We hope to see you again soon



Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it’s at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored. Have a lovely week ahead. Peace.


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