I Thought I Was Going To Give Up After A While – Adisa Comfort, CEO AOC Cakes

08 Apr

Hello Lovelies,

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. I’m here this week with another young entrepreneur, hardworking, resilient, Multi talented,  Adisa Olabisi Comfort the CEO of AOC cakes, one whom I believe is set to project fully into stardom.

Here are the highlights of our discussion.

PRECIOUS : Hello, can we meet you?

ADISA COMFORT: I am Adisa Olabisi Comfort. A student of business administration, Caleb University. CEO of AOC Cakes

PRECIOUS : How did you come about the name AOC?

ADISA COMFORT: Back in secondary school, You know as students we normally want areas of concentration to read for exams. My classmates where playing with names one day, one of them put the first letters of my names together and was like, AOC, Area Of Concentration, Adisa Olabisi Comfort. Then they started calling me AOC

PRECIOUS : So how did AOC go from being a nickname to being a brand

ADISA COMFORT: Since I learnt how to bake, I never took it serious until I was asked to teach a group of girls how to bake. Someone saw a picture of the cake we made and asked if I could make him a birthday cake. I did so and decided to start a business from there. I thought of a name and the first name that came to my mind was AOC

PRECIOUS : How excited are you at the prospect of being the CEO of a brand that as we hope ends up being one to reckon with?

ADISA COMFORT: I feel really great about it because trust me I thought I was going to give up after a while but here I am still striving to make it big

PRECIOUS : Can you give us something like a price list

PRECIOUS : Has there been any difference in your sales since the country’s economic meltdown


PRECIOUS: So is cake making the only service you offer?

ADISA COMFORT: No I do pastries too and catering service at times

PRECIOUS : Have you managed catering for any event yet?

ADISA COMFORT: Yeah just small programs, no big events yet.

PRECIOUS : So we can call you a full-blown chef then?

ADISA COMFORT: Yes you can

PRECIOUS : Where did you learn to bake?

ADISA COMFORT: Mrs Adeoluwa Bamsa’s Efenti Gold in Lagos.

PRECIOUS : Where do you base?

ADISA COMFORT: Anthony Village, Lagos State

PRECIOUS : How tasking is making a cake?

ADISA COMFORT: Baking cakes can be so tasking a times. Sometimes your cake doesn’t come out well, other times you have to think of a design because your customer has nothing in mind and you don’t want to repeat a design you have done before. Sometimes something might happen to The cake while icing it and you have to think of what to do.

PRECIOUS: How do you manage work and school?

ADISA COMFORT: I bake only when I’m on holidays

PRECIOUS: So what happens during school?

ADISA COMFORT: I’m off business

PRECIOUS: What do you do when the cake doesn’t come out well?

ADISA COMFORT: I bake another one

PRECIOUS: Meaning there’s no room for complacency?

ADISA COMFORT: Definitely, I’m always careful

PRECIOUS: Do you do delivery?


PRECIOUS: Depending on the location?


PRECIOUS: OK what else do we need to know about your services?

ADISA COMFORT: We go out of our way to satisfy our clients. For example we deliver cakes to some places that aren’t convenient

PRECIOUS: What other things you do for fun?

ADISA COMFORT: Personally?



PRECIOUS: How developed are you

ADISA COMFORT: I once participated in a singing competition Voice of Caleb. I came 3rd and I’ve been trying so hard to make good use of the little fame it has brought me. I’m working on two songs to be released soon.

PRECIOUS: Sounds great


PRECIOUS: Can we have an overview of what to expect?

ADISA COMFORT: The song’s titled ‘GRACE’ featuring Bollubee

PRECIOUS: All the best with that


PRECIOUS: What is your favorite cuisine to cook?

ADISA COMFORT: Jollof spaghetti

PRECIOUS: Is there a chef you admire and look up to?

ADISA COMFORT: Yes, My Aunt and chef Touche

PRECIOUS: why is that?

ADISA COMFORT: Because I admire their works, and I want to be as good as they are or even better

PRECIOUS: What can prove a difficult situation in your work?

ADISA COMFORT: Delivering a big cake to a far location

PRECIOUS: So how do you handle it?

ADISA COMFORT: I just have to be careful

PRECIOUS: Are you a team player or do you work all by yourself?

ADISA COMFORT: Myself with the help of my siblings

PRECIOUS: Oh so it’s a family affair


PRECIOUS: What role do your siblings play?

ADISA COMFORT: Mixing butter

PRECIOUS: What flavors of cake do you make?

ADISA COMFORT: Vanilla, strawberry, brownies, velvet, chocolate

PRECIOUS: Sounds all yummy, What are your plans to move your business forward?

ADISA COMFORT: Everything is still on a low, Till I’m done with my programme in school

PRECIOUS: So it’s just like building a strong reputation for now?


PRECIOUS: I learnt you now offer online classes, can you tell me about it?

ADISA COMFORT: A lot of people want to know little things that do not require a proper class. They can just talk to me, pay a token and know what they want to without stress

PRECIOUS: Well, We would love to see AOC soar higher. Can you leave a word for our readers who would also want to become big name chefs soon?

ADISA COMFORT: Don’t rely just on what you were taught, advance your recipes, Try new things

PRECIOUS: Can we have your contact for those that would want to order your services for their events?

ADISA COMFORT: Sure you can. TEL: 08141953390; Instagram @aoccakes

PRECIOUS: Thank you so much for your time. We really hope that the next time we see you you’d have had your big break.

ADISA COMFORT: Anytime, Thank you



Life will never come to you, don’t expect it to. You have to go for it. A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. Happy Sunday.

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