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01 Apr

This one’s for the upcoming hairstylists we have here. It just might have come as a flash thought to explore the hair styling field. I have good news, here are a few things you can learn from the story of the CEO of Golden finger touch Adebayo Hope. A hairstylist must be able to satisfy the client, he /she must be on the same page with the client. A hairstylist must know the new trends ,hair in vogue and the likes. You don’t always have to start big, start in the corner of your room, in front of your room, on the street, the most important thing is that you start. Here’s my short discussion with the young CEO.

PRECIOUS: Hello, can we meet you ma’am

ADEBAYO HOPE: I’m Adebayo Hope Oluwafunmilayo

PRECIOUS: What is Adebayo Hope Oluwafunmilayo involved in?

ADEBAYO HOPE: I am a Student and a hairstylist

PRECIOUS: How did you start off being a hairstylist?

ADEBAYO HOPE: It all started after the completion of my Pre degree program. I was motivated with the way my mum went about doing her things . She was practically independent. I Thought of what to do to fetch me money since I am a fashionista, I just followed my heart. I learnt the art and it just came natural.

PRECIOUS: Tell Me a Little About Your Education and Work Experience

ADEBAYO HOPE: I am currently  student of LAUTECH. Determination and Persistence have  been my driving force. I have Determined to become one of the Best Hairstylists around. Most times I have to go the extra mile to meet up with the requirements in school. Sleepless nights, poor feeding and the likes

PRECIOUS: Have You Had a situation where your Client was Dissatisfied with Your Work?

ADEBAYO HOPE: Not at all

PRECIOUS: What do you think is the most critical part of the work of a hairstylist?

ADEBAYO HOPE: A hairstylist must be able to satisfy the client, he /she must be on the same page with the client. A hairstylist must know the new trends ,hair in vogue and the likes.

PRECIOUS: Do you have a team you work with or are you solo?

ADEBAYO HOPE: I Currently have two Apprentices

PRECIOUS: Do you see yourself as a team player?

ADEBAYO HOPE: Yes, I am a team leader, but even a team leader plays for the team.

PRECIOUS: What was your relationship with whom you learnt from like?

ADEBAYO HOPE: I had two bosses. They both took me like their own sister. I was even the chief brides maid for one of them on her wedding.

PRECIOUS: How many clients do you usually get per week on the average

ADEBAYO HOPE: At least 5 clients because of my academics

PRECIOUS: I learnt you once took a job to style for a beauty pageant.


PRECIOUS: What pageant was that?

ADEBAYO HOPE: Arewa Ogbomoso Ajilete

PRECIOUS: When was this?

ADEBAYO HOPE: November 2017

PRECIOUS: What was the experience like?

ADEBAYO HOPE: It was a really a great experience.. Different Ladies with different characters.. But I must say I enjoyed being part of the program. It was fun, although it was a bit stressful because school was in Session then

PRECIOUS: How did you cope?

ADEBAYO HOPE: It was just shear Determination

PRECIOUS: You have sort of built a reputation for yourself as one of the best bridal hairstylists in town. How have you managed that?

ADEBAYO HOPE: All glory to God, Durosawo Adeolu and Olawoore Lawrence. These guys pushed me. At first I started in my hostel with just three muses, after which I was pushed to go for a studio session and  everything turned out glorious.

PRECIOUS: Do you feel like you’re about to specialize in bridal hairstyling ?

ADEBAYO HOPE: Yes but my Daily Customers won’t allow me

PRECIOUS: What are your charges like?

ADEBAYO HOPE: I have fixed Price and it’s affordable but it still Depends on the location.

PRECIOUS: What is it about hairstyling that fascinates you

ADEBAYO HOPE: No matter how little you style, it will always bring out creativity and it is dynamic. I love to be creative  in my own little way

PRECIOUS: What do you think of the notion that some hairstylists are underpaid?

ADEBAYO HOPE: I’d support that but it depends on the client though

PRECIOUS: Do you feel like you’re being underpaid?

ADEBAYO HOPE: Yes, Because of my environment, although its fair enough

PRECIOUS: Do you do home service?

ADEBAYO HOPE: Home service is my specialty for now

PRECIOUS: What advice do you have for people who want to go into the business of styling hair?

ADEBAYO HOPE: They should be ready to learn. Styling continues every time, you have to keep updating yourself. Most importantly never Give up.

PRECIOUS: Can we have your contact for our readers who would want to order the services of golden finger touch?

ADEBAYO HOPE: Call:08104980229/0803917431


FB:Golden Finger Touch

PRECIOUS: Thanks so much for your time.

ADEBAYO HOPE: Anytime Sir.

PRECIOUS: I do hope that you make it big sooner rather than later


PRECIOUS: I hope we’ll be seeing you again


PRECIOUS: Thank you

If you wait for the circumstances to be perfect, you’ll never start. You need to go for it. You always achieve more  when you leave your comfort zone.

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