My Mum Is The Strong Pillar Behind My Success In Life – Adewuyi Adeniyi

18 Mar

There are lots of good jobs and careers in the modern day for young entrepreneurs, but if you are creative in the kitchen, and are diligent, there’s no better job than being a chef. A chef is a person who cooks professionally. I went all out the other day in my interview with Adewuyi Adeniyi and the things I found out include the role his mother has played so far on his pathway to success and his believe that with hardwork anyone can make their way. Here’s a glimpse of what we discussed.


OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Hello, Can we meet you sir?

ADEWUYI ADENIYI: My name is Adewuyi Adeniyi Jamiu, a lot of People know me as Young baker

OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: From your name we can conclude that you’re a baker, is that correct?

ADEWUYI ADENIYI: Yes I’m a baker but moreover  I’m a chef

OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: That’s nice. Growing up did you like being in the kitchen?


OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Did being a chef come natural or did you still have to put in a lot of training?

ADEWUYI ADENIYI: It was not really easy i went through a lot of  self training. Although my mum was a caterer but When she first started i didn’t have interest  in it at all. Back then you know as a big boy I felt it was low class stuff, Frying doughnut, buns, puff puff and all

OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: So what motivated you to become who you are today?


OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: She forced you to? Or How did she motivate you?

ADEWUYI ADENIYI: No, Something happened, Its a long story

OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Can we know what happened?

ADEWUYI ADENIYI: Why not, You know as growing up boys we tend to misbehave like no one can control us. That faithful day my mum told me to go with her to her shop So as to assist her, but i insisted that i was not going. She went to my dad to report me, so my dad ordered me to follow her. When we got to the shop I started acting up, I didn’t do anything to help her, I just stood aside. Later that day the weather changed suddenly and it was about to rain. So as my mum was rushing to pack her display with something in her hand she slipped and fell down, my countenance changed, I felt useless, she struggled to get back up because it was already raining. I really hated myself that day. When we got home, I begged her Crying, I was on my kneels, She was also crying. The next day I didn’t wait for her to call me before I got in her car ready to work. I started helping her, forgot about being a big boy or whatever, Sometimes I told her to stay at home that I’ll handle the shop. From There I learnt a lot, I taught myself to bake cakes. My mum’s friend, Mrs Fowobola advised her to allow me go and learn how to prepare small chops. The day I went for the training I got back to the shop and discovered that my mum had bought all the materials. She asked me to start preparing it in her shop. From there I started traveling around Meeting big chefs, Working along sides them. My mum is the strong pillar behind my success In life.

OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Such a story. Are you actually getting what you want from the job?

ADEWUYI ADENIYI: Yes, Despite it not being big yet, its OK

OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Do you think you can achieve more?


OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: What kind of services do you render?

ADEWUYI ADENIYI: snacks, cakes, small chops,  and confectionery

OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: How do you bill your customers?

ADEWUYI ADENIYI: It depends on what they want

OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: How much will you bill me if I want small chops for 50 people?

ADEWUYI ADENIYI: A plate of small chops costs 500, For 50 people would be 25000

OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: What would I have in 1 plate?

ADEWUYI ADENIYI: 2 spring rolls, 2 samosa, 5 puff puff and stick meat

OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Can you tell us places and events you’ve worked at?

ADEWUYI ADENIYI: I’ve traveled like close to 10 states in the country working. Lagos, Kwara, Kogi, Oyo, e.t.c..

OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: In the midst of all these crisis in the country’s economy, how do you manage to cope?

ADEWUYI ADENIYI: My brother it’s difficult. In a month, I used to have small chops jobs like 6 -7 times in a month. But now I hardly work once in a month but We thank God we’ll survive.

OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: How do you manage to make ends meet since it seems not to be so easy. Do you have any other thing you do?

ADEWUYI ADENIYI: I’m a student so My parents still cater for me to some extent, especially when things are tight

OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Can you leave a word for our readers who also want to go into the culinary business?

ADEWUYI ADENIYI: The catering world is so broad, no one knows it all, try to develop yourselves. Bring in new ideas and with hard work you can make your way.

OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Can we have your contact for our readers who would want to order the services of Young Baker

ADEWUYI ADENIYI: 0803965361.  IG is @official_ybaker

OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Thank you so much for your time. We really hope that the next time we see you you’d have had your big break.


OLAWUMI PRECIOUS: Thank you so much


Be careful what you do. Be humble, be hardworking don’t mar your future because of the pleasures of today. A wise man once said, the best way to predict your future is to create it. My name is Olawumi Precious and I remain Presh of SymplyPresh.

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  1. There’s always a story behind every great achiever. Do not allow challenges to distract you from your focus, Young Baker. Good job Phresh!

    1. thank you so much…. i really appreciate that, and to my interviewer thanks for the good work….. sky in not your limit..

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